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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, New Stuffs

Since today is the beginning of a new year...here, i'd like to take this opportunity to feature a few newbies around the house!
First of all, welcoming Fillet v7 who just joined our family a few weeks ago. She will be a great companion to our current Fillet v6.
And veggie, crawling on the tree branches. Gonna pluck it soon for my noodles…I love those green leafy veggies!
more on veggies...*u might hav seen tis before in my previous posts
Wut the heck is tis warning sign for??? Dun trail my car too close or u will end up getting sued!
And lastly, guess what am I trying to feature over here? NOPE, not the grills, they aren’t new…but the dusts are! It has been months since the window glass was cleaned up, and is now gathering some ‘new’ dust….Can u see those spots under the sun?
2008 will be a great year for me? oh yea?! it would be great if u can help me to clean all these dust away!


amei79 said...

Wow, cool warning sign. I would like to have 1 too scuh as "dont kiss my ass", "baby on road, caution!"..etc, but my gf not allow...

x said...

Wukakakak....fillet, reminds me of food only .. Oh have i show you Woa Woa's Pet fish Mr.Fishy yet ?

Jax said...

To! New year new start!!

The warning sign I'll prefer this:

"I know I'm hot, but don't need to kiss my ass for my contact!"


Chee Hoe said...

Hahaha... I like the sign. A good way to make sure your not hit from the back!

curryegg said...

Lol... i took sych a long time in cleaning my room in my hostel... :(

And I still remember your fighting fish! I wish to rare one... :D
Happy 2008 to you!

Pookyma.Com said...

Wow...fillet v7..

Is v6 beside it?Both are males rite?

I have a few new ones at home but not with spiky tails though..Mine looks like a piece of shining copper.

Anonymous said...

even though siamese fighting fish are usually kept and sold in small bottles, and just because they survive in it doesn't mean they LIKE to live in it. their natural habitat certainly isn't in such small confined space.

think about it.

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