UTOPIA: Fillet v6 - The Fighting Fish

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fillet v6 - The Fighting Fish

Apart from the virtual adopted pet fish, I do hav a real pet fish, her name is Fillet v6. She is a fighting fish (Betta splendens), a very petite fish with blue tail and maroon fin but is very aggressive and eager to fight (even with her own self image!)

Fighting fish is one of the easiest rear fish, but their life span are not long (2-5 years old). They can easily pass out due to toxic water. Thus, fish need frequent water changes to rid the water of fatal ammonia build-up.
Despite that, 5 of them already dead, and Fillet v6 is our 6th pet fish! (which explained why she is named as v6).

A brief biography of her:

Name: Fillet v6
Age: 1 year old (estimated)
Color: Dark blue and Maroon
Size: 2.5 inches
Fav food: Tiny prawn slices (btw, she has a very good appetite, and can't control her eatings...)
Hobbies: Fight, sleep and eat
Motto: "Fight like there is no tomorrow!"
Behavior: Aggressive but high spirited...

Well, Fillet is damn fierce, and i'm extremely scare of her, coz the moment i put my finger on the water surface, she will immediately rose frm bottom and bite my finger real HARD! ouchhhh!!!!


curryegg said...

Hey! You like to rare fighting fish too? It's my favourite.. But I don't rare any fish now, expect 'peakcock'. My mum rares it and I just help her.. ;)

And thank for the blog linking.. I've added you as well! Cool. Now we can keep on track with each other... Yes!

X said...

My Woa Woa also have a pet fighting fish, his name is call " Fishy". Next time i will do a post and show you Woa Woa's pet. :P

"Fishy" favorite position is sleeping like a sleeping buddha on a leaf :P

MerCuRy said...

woa you even give a name to this fighting fish. omg

Princess Eileen said...

fillet v6... wakakaka... I thought your fish have an engine like V6 power, mana tau is becoz it is the 6th fish. Eh, I rear the same blue coloured fighting fish before. Also mati kokok in the end. I should seriously not rear animals :P

Nux V said...

curryegg: ermmm...no, actually the fish doesn't belongs to me, i m jst helping my dad to look after her..wow, u hav peacock? cool!

x: ur woa woa hav pet? i can't imagine tht...5D 5D post it ;P

mercury: hi, thanks for visiting! lol...yea, pets must hav a name ;P

princess: she really hav engine like v6 power...she can fight whole day, accelerate and bite ur finger damn hard, memang cukup power!

jam said...

Are you fierce and have the same fighting spirit as her? Scare...

keeyit said...

My housy recently fancy on fish too.. The fish looks similar to yours..

I am lazy so I got no pets.. hehe

Nux V said...

jam: me??? nope, i kena bullied by tht fish summore...

keeyit: icic...i'm lazy too, can't even take care of myself ;P

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