Thursday, January 20, 2022

Year End Meal @ Brew House

Seems like a 'tradition' now that i would have grilled chicken chop in Brew House during the year end.
And i noticed that this year they have changed their plates to dark blue...doesn't matter as long as the food tastes good!
the daily set lunch comes with drink (i had Coke), soup and ice cream!
the ice cream is not the usual 2 scoops but this time, we were given Cornettos!'s actually mini Cornettos...
i choose has peanuts with some chocolate toppings
look at the size!
i can finish this in just 2 mouthful bites๐Ÿ˜Š
The chicken chop lunch set costs RM14.80++ each
Overall this meal costs us RM47.05 nett for 3 pax
This was the price on 31 Dec 2021. The price has increased to RM16.80++ per set in 2022.


mun said...

I tried the chicken chop set once by takeaway. Nice. Hahaha I still don't dare to dine in yet. Good that you dare. ๐Ÿ‘

PH said...

The chicken chop looks good and the plate is substantially filled. The mini Cornetto is so cute! One is not enough. LOL!

Rose world said...

I love the blue plate!!! And the chicken chop too.

Stacy said...

The blue does set off the food nicely.

Cute mini cornettos, might cost them more than a scoop of their previous ice-cream.

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