Thursday, January 6, 2022

Super Ramen @ Sri Petaling

Decided to try out this ramen shop in the neighborhood as it has been around for quite some time.
Refillable pork lard, chili oil and chili powder on each table. Yes, crunchy pork lard!
I ordered a tonkotsu ramen...It was served in thick broth with the usual stuffs like charsiu, soft boiled egg, black fungus, spring onions and seaweed.
Tastewise might not be up with those established ramen shop such as Bankara or Ippudo, somehow lacking 'umami-ness'. The charsiu can be more tender and the egg is overdone. Just something not done right here and there๐Ÿ˜’
For the price of RM30++ i would prefer eating conventional ramen at the more established ramen shops...coz this place serves mostly fusion/westernized ramen. Their popular item is 'King of Pork Chop Ramen' which comes with a tomahawk, which i yet to try.
On another day, i bought a polo bun from TK Bakery jst for sake of curiosity. Taste bland although the crust is similar to pineapple tart with a mix of bun texture.
Not the usual polo bun that is served in HK char chaan teng. Not goin to buy anymore.
Meanwhile on one of my working days in the office, i tapao nasi minyak with fried chicken from the nearby Malay stall.
Nasi minyak is usually served in Malay 'kenduri' and is cooked with spices. The rice has some raisins in it too.
After a long lockdown, i definitely miss 'kenduri' alot, especially the food!
This pack of rice costs RM5.50. Hopefully the stall will continue to sell it so that i can enjoy it on every week!๐Ÿ˜€


mun said...

Love the nasi minyak the best here. I have eaten at this ramen shop and ordered delivery from it too but less than 5 times in total. Ordered the King of Pork Chop Ramen at least twice but I think your review would be you don't think it is anything worth shouting about taste wise except that the big tomahawk pork is a novelty.

Jeevan said...

Nasi minyak looks similar to our Biryani and sorry to hear the above two wasn't up to your expectation. Have a nice weekend. We have gone into the night and Sunday lockdown since the cases are rising at pace.

Nancy Chan said...

I too miss eating nasi minyak. This polo bun looks different from the polo bun I had in the coffee shop. Happy weekend.

Rose world said...

I like nasi minyak too. Not many sell this rice, not even in Malay shop here.

Unique polo bun. Not the usual one I seen here.

Stacy said...

I'd been seeing that polo bun at TK and wondering if it had butter inside heh. So it doesn't ya.

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