Thursday, January 31, 2019

Go Street Noodles

Go Street Noodles has been around in the neighbourhood for half year but I only get to go there recently.
it is usually crowded during lunch/dinner hours hence I would go there at non-peak hours...The menu offers dishes slightly different from Go Noodles House, but nonetheless both are good.
I decided to order the bursting porky meatball noodles with herbal soup, to compare it with Go Noodles version.
The slightly greenish noodles is the spinach noodles, but it taste just like ordinary noodles.
Here is it...
It doesn't dissappoint me, the porky ball tastes exactly the same as Go Noodles, the soup was great too, sweet and flavorful with red dates and goji berries. The noodles came with crispy beancurd skins.
On another day, I tried the meat dumpling soup noodles. Again, it is as good as homemade meat dumpling!
I guess this shop would be my first choice for now (bye bye, Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee!) whenever I craved for noodles.


mun said...

The herbal soup selection is available in go noodle too. Looks good sp I may try this go street noodles if I have nothing else to eat.

Lotus said...

Sweet and flavourful soup definitely for me, both noodles look great! I don't mind having noodles sometimes even though I am a rice person

Small Kucing said...

Is that sui kow that i see? I love sui kow.

CL (RealGunners) said...

Aduyai... this is subsidiary or competitor? The menu seems like only the noodle type different, but the "liew" all same same one?

Nux V said...

Mun: I prefer herbal soup than the superior soup.

Libby: I'm 50:50 rice & noodle person, lol!

Small Kucing: yes, that is sui kow.

RealGunners: subsidiary la....even the bowls they used are the same!

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