Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shanghai, Day 4 - Part 4 (Evening Entertainment)

Prelude of the evening activity - the Gala Night.
By dawn, we donned our traditional Chinese attire and headed to the restaurant.
It was rainy and cold...was shivering as I walked along the streets to the entrance...luckily i did not wear cheongsam...that would be crazy.
The organizer has booked the entire venue...hence they decorated the dining hall as to bring back the Ol' Shanghai atmosphere, and that includes some ads posters.
yea, these were pasted all over the place on every pillars!
the famous ones are ciggie & liquor ads,
vintage advertisement which now serves as decorative posters.
even a poster of the famous Chinese classical songstress is being put up! Yea, this lady sung the Nights of Shanghai (夜上海)
There were some performances too, such as balancing acts.
and Chinese instrumental music.
with the a troupe of pretty girls clad in body-fitting cheongsam...
nice eh?
There were paintings...at a discounted price!
let the master paint  your name...if u dun have a Chinese name, just spell it out in Alphabetical and he will paint them in alphabet.
and this other master draws cartoon-ed portrait.
he can amazingly turn ur face into some comical expression face!
another master did the paper cutting of  the face shape...sideview shape only.
these are among the talented artist which were invited into the event to provide us with discounted price on their artwork.
UpNext: the food


RealGunners said...

Nice! Got pretty girls in cheongsam, sure nice! :D

Princess Ribbon said...

The theme is traditional costumes and you did not wear cheongsam? Then what did you wear? No picture to share? Hehe..

Nux V said...

RealGunners: of all the interesting things around, u r only interested on pretty girls? LOL!

Princess Ribbon: I wore the Chinese blouse...like those auntie wear during CNY...haha ;-P

mun said...

So did you get your name, face comic or side face drawn?

Nux V said...

Mun: it was long queue for name calligraphy and face comic...I only managed to get the paper cutting done. Seeing the long queue, I rather sit back and enjoy the food/show ;-)

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