Saturday, August 13, 2011

Farewell to a dear Colleague

Been working at my current office for quite some time and somehow this was the first time i took a complete picture with the team. It used to be just a few of us in the office, but somehow on that day the entire team was in, hence the group looks huge, than usual.
Well, if not for somebody's farewell, we wouldn't take the picture. I'd say she is lucky coz not only we organized a photo session with her but also a farewell lunch too, despite only working here for about half a year. 
Sometimes i wish to be that outgoing, outspoken and being well recognized, and isn't it great that a colleague organized someting like this for me too (if i m to leave)...
yes, is about being well accepted in a group, but somehow, i may shy away if i m to knw someone is planning an event dedicated for me. Such as contradiction!

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