UTOPIA: Simple Lunch & Dinner

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Simple Lunch & Dinner

This was my yesterday's lunch @ Tea Garden.
They were having some promotion for vegetarian meal where 11% off given on selected vegetarian items on the menu.
I had this crispy egg noodle for RM10.97 nett (inclusive of 6%GST, after discounted)
Tastewise so-so, would be better if the noodles were soaked long enuff in the 'warm' gravy so that it could be more chewy.
 And dinner was in the office with rice packed from home, added with miso seaweed soup.
There goes my miso soup 'gukbap' ;-)
simple meal for a simple person ;-)


Twilight Man said...

Miso Soup Gukbap gave you a Good Burp!!

mun said...

As long as stomach is full liao, then is good enough!

Nux V said...

Twilight Man: LOL, haha yes!

Mun: yea...eat too much later kenot sleep...

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