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Monday, October 20, 2014

Time Capsule

I have been reading some of my past blog post in which now serves as some sort of a personal time capsule. Here's one that links back to year 2010 where i expressed my wishlist & desire to own & achieve certains 'material' and goals.
Well, looking back things, i might have already achieved a majority of it during the period of then till now....
Here's my 2010 wishlist and the outcome today:

If given the chance to shop alone, i will be buying:
Clothes, yes, a trendy one! ---> eventually i bought some over the time, many are now rotting in the wardrobe as i couldn't find myself to be able to fit in anymore. Time to shop for new clothes!
A pair of durable quality court shoe for work ---> yes, got a few pairs over the years and still wearing it to work daily.
A pair of Vincci sandals ---> scrapped off, coz i find Vincci sandals no longer durable and practical anymore.
A handbag ---> bought a few over the time, some are still in use.
New handphone, model undecided yet ---> i got a Samsung S5 few months back.
New digicam, i hav Canon powershot in mind ---> scrapped off, i dun need a digicam as Samsung S5 camera has fulfils my requirement.

Believe me or not but i hav been longing for cotton candy and herbal boiled egg!
---> scrapped off, on diet now.
Ruffles chips! ---> bought and eaten alot during the past years, and is not fond of this anymore.
Dine in a cosy Chinese restaurant ---> LOL, been there done that many times between 2010 until now. I think this would fall under continuous wishlist category.

Travel package to Japan ---> no, haven't step my foot into Japan yet...been to some countries in east Asia but not into Japan...Perhaps next year?
And lastly....*drum roll please*
I want to buy a property! ---> achieved, signed SPA sometime early this year. No, not those luxurious house, jst a humble hut sufficient for family stay.

I have totally forgotten about this 2010 wishlist post, but over the time, without realizing it, most of it has been fulfilled but it took me a few years to accomplish that.


RealGunners said...

Congrats for achieving most in your wishlist!
If you are not a photography addict, no need to bother with camera. If you are, then go for mirrorless camera. Compact digicam size, but can change lense, and it will make you look like a pro when you are out and about ;)

Nux V said...

RealGunners: thx for the recommendation, will go check out the mirrorless camera..

Princess Ribbon said...

I see that you almost accomplished most things.. Looking at that S5 is enuff, the most 'in' thing right now..

[SK] said...

i think the biggest achievement is the last one *drum roll*.. congratulations and can't wait to move into the new house already huh?? :)

Small Kucing said...

Congratulations :). Now blog have become like a diary and can see before and after :)

Nux V said...

Princess Ribbon: ermmm...S5 will be outdate soon...nowadays iPhone6 takes the centre stage.

SK: house still under development but I can't wait to see it complete.

Small Kucing: thanks! yea indeed it is my diary...sort of ;-)

mun said...

Congrats! House or condo?

Jessica Brown said...

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