UTOPIA: Shanghai, Day 4 - Part 1 (Tianzifang)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shanghai, Day 4 - Part 1 (Tianzifang)

Day 4 was meant to be a leisure day, meaning, rather than travelling out of the city, we spent most time around Shanghai for shopping and....body massage.
Morning was spent at this maze-looking place called Tianzifang. 
why is it called 'maze'? just look at the below map...even by looking at it I will still got lost in between the small alleys and dead end blocks. Anyhow, I just "go with the flow" and let myself lost in the maze while doing my souvenirs shopping.
eventually there is a simpler version, but when u r being thrown into the 'maze field' with distraction (I mean attractive goods to-look-at), u will end up not bothering looking into it anymore.
along some corners there are alfresco-like dining place...this place must be very happening durin' the evening (at least I thought so!)
it was morning then, thus most of the restaurant or even shops yet to open...
Tianzifang is an arts and crafts enclave that has developed from a renovated residential area in the French Concession area of Shanghai...u will be surrounded by "Shikumens" (Shanghainese old houses)...some are still occupied, but many has transformed into shops and restaurants.
i managed to get my souvenirs shopping done...and with ample time left, i ventured into the morning market located nearby.
Saw plenty of foods being sold for breakfast, such as sausage buns, spring rolls, fresh Pao's.
all looking very nice and delicious.
prices were reasonable too...
the morning market has all sorts of veggies, melons, beans etc in giant size (or slightly bigger size than ours).
the pricelist board hung at one corner, in case u r curious of the price.
it is an indoor market...it has shops selling various dried items, spices and herbs too.
tucked in one corner...where u'l find all sorts of ingredients for cooking.
being a lil' adventurous i ventured further from the area and went into some shoplots, as there was still much time before the group assemble at waiting point.
went up to a clothes boutique shop and browsed around...
still got time...i went across the street...
and observed people's daily life...haha...am being "kepochi" now.
yea, i enjoyed people-watching....
then some familiar aromas came from this shop...reminds me of some dim sum stalls
ahh....i like the hot and warm buns aroma.
Assorted Pao's available here...but i didn't buy (coz knowing lunch later will be another sumptuous meal)...
sniffing it is as satisfying enuff ;-)


RealGunners said...

You can tahan, sniffing the food. If me then... (leave the ending blank)

mun said...

This place really looks interesting but I won't dare to eat the food there. I also like to people watch too, free movie, mah. :)

Princess Ribbon said...

That colourful spring rolls caught my attention, but I think I wouldn't try everything there la.. See See look look and take picture or selfie, ok la, hehe..

Nux V said...

RealGunners: haha...thinking back I really didn't buy any street food..

Mun: yea free movie and at the same time can understood their living culture.

Princess Ribbon: yeapz...the spring rolls caught my attention too...I wonder if KL have similar version of cabbage spring roll, I would be the first to buy it.

[SK] said...

ah nice!! finally a more relaxed day rather than to have rush from a place to another in the coach huh?? I like this place, so much to see in there, modern and traditional so well blended :)

Nux V said...

SK: yea, finally! so much to see but the price tag is slightly higher than other places coz this is a tourist-spot..
for window shopping ok gua...but expect some 'rude encounter' if not buying.

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