Friday, August 15, 2014

Queen Elizabeth II - NOT the rightful heir to the Throne of England

I was watching some other You Tube videos when I stumbled upon this sensational news..
it seems that the world (or at least the Commonwealth region/countries) have been put to believe that the Queen Elizabeth II or even the entire monarchy before/after her is the 'actual' heir...when it is supposedly not. Watch this to find out why...

alrite...alrite...this video might be too long to watch as it span across 'almost' an hour to finish.
Here, let me summarize it:
There is this so-called 'historian investigator' who is so darn free did some studies to trace back the monarchy and found out that some Prince Edward (dated back in 14xx) was an illegitimate son (or at least being suspected by that historian), hence the entirely descendant after him are considered 'invalid'!
To add up some spice to his investigation, he proceed to find out the 'actual' heir...based on the rules set by the-then England monarchy to determine the next legal heir...
he traced back to the descendants and found out that a man who is now residing in Australia is the supposedly legal King. This man, by the name of Henry of course knows well of his background as some "royals-distance-relative" as he keeps a copy of the family tree, but he didn't expect that he would be the supposed King.
Pretty amused when the news being told to him and his family...but well, I guess this 'King Henry' and his family are currently contented with their life and decided to continue living a humbly lifestyle contrasts to their distant relatives 'glamorous lifestyle' back in England.
True story or not, this is rather sensational ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hello Nux V,

Have a good weekend! That person is really darn free, hahahaha. I don't think anyone will care about this.

I noticed you labelled this post as CRAPS, hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

And I am mun, just in case you are wondering who this new id is. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

RealGunners said...

If I am living an okay life myself, I would not bother with the monarchy thing as well. Too much publicity and attention and zero private life to contend with.

Happy walker said...

lol, haha, wish you a nice weeekend~~

Princess Ribbon said...

Wah, same like mun, tnat person must be too free nothing to do la.. I wouldn't have time for these.. haha..

Nux V said...

Mun & Princess Ribbon: some people in the world are jst too free till kepochi on other people...Some utilize it for income-driven sensational tabloid, documentary etc...Well, the market is full of people who is curious-for-the-wrong-reason.

RealGunners: yea, we normal human beings can't take too much publicity and exposure.

Happy Walker: same to you...and Happy Monday too ;-)

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