UTOPIA: Breakfast @ nearby Yu Garden, Shanghai

Friday, May 23, 2014

Breakfast @ nearby Yu Garden, Shanghai

Our first meal in Shanghai was at one of the prominent vegetarian restaurant nearby Yu Garden.
When we reached the place, all these had been laid on the table waiting for us. The soy bean drink was still piping hot, plus the buns (Chinese bao) were fluffy
 we were served with vegetarian buns, fried glutinous rice cake and red-bean paste 'ang ku' (tortoise cake)
The bun was superb, the angku was fresh...
just i thought that were the only food for breakfast, i was surprised that the waiter came with these bowl of noodles for each of us, individually...
we were fed to the brim!
nevertheless this vegetarian noodles was yummie, with mushroom and beancurd skin stew in dark sauce.
 here's the eatery place ;-) We were seated at upstair.
 the surrounding is like a heritage village with oriental-ancient-like architecture buildings..being a tourist-packed area, this place is crowded even during the morning...but it doesn't matter as the air is fresh during spring ;-)
well, there goes my very first meal in China "mainland". Was surprised that it tastes good, despite numerous negative remarks (from frens and families) on how sucks the Shanghainese food are. Not impressive though, but considered "okay"
Bon Appetit!

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