UTOPIA: Genting Highland re-visited...(Part 2)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Genting Highland re-visited...(Part 2)

Another series of Genting Highland post....it seems like i went up the hill every 2 to 3 years....and my previous trip was on 2011
During then, i got registered as a world card member & we earned some points from the membership since
hence our trip to genting this time is FOC!
 me & mum gotta enjoy some sumptuous treat of Chinese banquet dinner at the Convention Hall...but before that, we went around for some walk...since the day is still early :-)
I walk around the Genting Indoor Theme Park...to feel the 'fun' among the crowd
 there are some known-brand apparel, bags, shoe shops....some restaurant with alfresco dining...and...
 so...here is it....the one and only legal casino in the country!
 i did not gamble...but to look-see around
 loitering at the non-smoking area...and sitting nearby their mini snack bar where patrons can have some light snacks while enjoyin' their 'game'...
well the food sold there is quite normal but expensive
 outside of the casino...u'll see some very-nice-english-window-frame
 all with different style & pattern
 some 'kopitiam'...very oriental 20's style...
 also food courts...selling local stuffs
 and back to the theme park...i m joyful to see the crowds, colorful lights & children enjoying their rides
wish i could ride on this Merry-Go-Round carousel again...
the mini car ride...for children below 7 years old?
the car is so mini!!! 
and this romantic setting of a bridge next to a chinese restaurant with dim lantern lights
very "old Shanghainese" scene
which normally seen in movies :-)

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