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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Building in the Park

Well, it isn't the company (or my colleagues) that i will miss, but instead the state-of-art building architecture and the beautiful landscape of my current workplace. Seeing the picture itself (inset), some of you might have already know where the place is. I took this picture when i first joined, being so amazed with the structure, especially the glass ceiling and building-in-the-park concept. It was quite new during then and the surroundings were fresher. Some nature elements that are being integrated in this building are fish ponds and multi-level waterponds - this comes with lively fishes (a few species!) and some plants, all of which to create a tranquil environment for the tenants. I guess the maintenance should be quite high for the tenants too! Among other infrastructures in this smart building are LAN facilities, backbone fibre optic services, high speed internet connection running on Asynchronous Transfer Mode and Gigabit Ethernet, uninterupted power supply....etc...
I'm gonna miss this place.

1 comment :

Canny Har™ said...

this place looks familiar..

hmm.. wish u all the best in ur new working place k..

Look forward!!! ;-) U wil surely have a very colorful life soon!!! :P

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