UTOPIA: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Well, besides being different physically, both men and women are contra in every aspect, especially in communication...Both sites tend to interpret each other message differently, which mostly lead to miscommunication.
The below conversation strongly proves this theory. Despite being married for more than 3 decades, somehow there is still 'someting' lacking in their communication...

Wife: My sis just called, she said there is some new phone units available at Telekom, and she likes the design alot, but wondering how she can get one. Hmnn...there is a telekom branch at our neighbourhood commercial district, rite?

Husband: aiya...tis is wut people called as "trendy". Trendy stuffs are always cool, if u are those kinda people who follows on trendy gadgets...u can even hav cordless phone...blah blah blah *this followed by 20 minutes of technie reviews on all sorts of trendy products...

Wife: uh?

Husband: as long as you have money, you can get wutever trendy things in the market!

Wife: of course la, everything needs money nowadays...but anyway, i m just asking....(*interupted by the husband)

Husband: with money u can modify your lousy phones...like those junk cars...*another 10 minutes of automobile stories

Wife: ??? (*losing patience) ok, ok, so is there a telekom branch nearby that she can ask for those phones?

Husband: how should i know?! go ask ur brother la! he knows alot wut!?? dun ask me about phones which i seldom use...

Wife: i m not asking u about phones! i m just asking if there is a telekom branch nearby, since u r so familiar with many places...U tink my brother is a directory ar!

Husband: i dunno la, u r asking the wrong person. If you are asking about cars, then i might be able to help. Since you like the phone so much, why not u go and ask?

Wife: i didn't mention i like the phone...I m just asking on my sis behalf...ah, forget it!

Husband then walked away...

Is this how most of the married couples talk with each other? I've been doubting how they get to like each other at the first place.


x said...

I dun know wor...you married ...4 no no 5 times...you should know :p


dun you know after being married couple talk like that after their honey moon period is over :P

Canny Har™ said...

oh Nux, u married? Or the "Mr.X" are just making joke there? Haha!
Anyway, the guy mentioned in that conversation is kinda annoying! (KICK HIM)! LOL!

John said...

I'm sure that this conversation was reported by a female and is not at all what the male said.

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