Friday, November 25, 2022

Delay No More Under The Sea Restaurant @ IOI City Mall

[Throwback] Last month the team was so stressed with multiple projects and to 'de-stress', the boss decided to treat us all a dinner at a seafood restaurant. It's a halal restaurant, hence no pork, no lard...purely seafood (and some chicken dishes, i think).
We made a booking for 9 pax, and arrived there around 7.15pm.
The place was still vacant by the time we arrived.
At the entrance, there's a showcase 'aquarium' with lively sea creatures...
The menu...the cover reminds me of some sort of kids' book.
Their logo with a miserable looking crab.
The boss did the ordering. We had:
Sotong kangkung
Fresh steamed prawns
Salted egg buttermilk crab and chili crab (not in picture)
Seafood fried rice
We also ordered scallops (not in picture)
Finally all dishes arrived, and within seconds we were busy digging in.
a pricey dinner, but boss is paying, so no qualm. Dishes were OK, but can have better ones elsewhere with that kinda price. The bill came to around RM1540nett.
Meanwhile, since my 2 furry friends are back, i take the chance to feed them whenever i m in the office...The white cat is rarely around. I suspect she has been 'adopted' by some staff from the office next door and was brought home after office hour. 
The black cat remains and 'guard' the office entrance. As usual, she's quite chatty (when she didn't see me for a few days) and has lotsa story to tell, although i dun understand. She even follow me to the toilet­čśĆ
I admire her well kept fur....silky smooth black fur, nicer than my hair....i 'jeles'....


Stacy said...

LOL at your comments on the cats.

Jeevan said...

I liked the restaurant's theme and logo! The food looks delicious, there are cute furry cats, and of course, the blacky is silky.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Rose world said...

My kind of feast!! Seafood, anytime for me.

mun said...

Ah, your cat is wearing white socks! Tuxedo cat! Thanks for being kind to cats. One day maybe you will adopt one or two like PH did.

PH said...

"Their logo with a miserable looking crab" LOL! Nice to see the two cats. I love cats so much that I cannot tahan every time I see one. I will stop and try to pet them if they are friendly.

Twilight Man said...

Your boss is so good and generous always. I have no bosses now. So sad.

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