Friday, January 4, 2019

Mr Kebab & Briyani, Putrajaya

I have blogged about this place several times.
Back then when my colleague discovered this place, we were sort of a 'regular' customer as we dine here at least once a month!
Chicken kebab with naan and fries
Mandy rice with chicken kebab
The overview of what we had, the one on the bottom left is beef kebab with Mandy rice
it was too dry to just eat the rice with kebab, hence I would sometimes ordered a small bowl of soup to go with it.
This is always our first choice when we craved for middle eastern food!


mun said...

I would go for beef kebab with fries and naan and tapao home the balance that I couldn't finish. I guess there is no lamb dishes else you would have ordered lamb, right?

Lotus said...

Ya, a bit dry to eat just like that as there is no gravy, good that you ordered a soup to go with it

Lotus said...

Did you try their Briyani before?

PH said...

Wah see already hungry! I love Middle eastern food.

Twilight Man said...

You just lured me to eat Middle Eastern food soon.

Nux V said...

Mun: they serve vegetarian too, which is not too bad, but yea, I would like to try everything in the menu if we go there often, but nowadays we seldom eat out.

Libby: I haven't try their briyani yet...

Phong Hong: lol, me too

Twilight Man: hehehe....u r so easily lured!

Rose world said...

Looked nice to me. I like Britain but it could be too filling for me. Mandy rice, wonder how it taste. I seldom taste middle eastern cuisine since not many over here.

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