Thursday, January 17, 2019

KGB Burger & Lunch Boxes

I went for a training last month in a training center located in Bangsar. It was a 3 full days training. Like any other training center, lunch and tea breaks were provided.
Day 1:
Breakfast - Fried meehoon, egg sandwich and a piece of spring roll
Lunch - Curry chicken rice
The sandwich and the greenish 'kuih' is supposedly for tea time in the evening, but we had it earlier together with the lunch.
Day 2:
The following day, our breakfast came quite early.
Breakfast - Fried macaroni, curry puff and sandwich
Lunch - Tomato rice, ayam masak merah and jelatah (cucumber + pineapple + onion + red chili)
 Day 3:
Breakfast - Nasi Lemak (no picture taken)
Lunch - KGB burger!
I ordered KGB Spiked burger which consists of crust seared beef, sharp cheddar, crispy beef bacon and spicy sauce.
Tastewise so-so only, the bacon was too dry and just salty, and the beef patty was like any ordinary McD beef burger standard.
I would prefer Carls Jr or Burger Lab for burgers around this price range (RM20+)


mun said...

Your company is so generous to send you all for project management training courses. Kgb burger patty is much thicker than McD burger patty. Has their quality dropped?

ClaudiaMorningstar said...

I dont know what is better. Lunchbox or burger.

Nux V said...

Mun: Dream on! this is my own self-paid training, as the company is now getting more 'kiamsiap' in sending out staff for trainings. I think KGB quality dropped, as McD spicy beef burger even have thicker patty than this!

ClaudiaMorningstar: then have both!

mun said...

wah, good that you want to improve your skills by paying for your own training! must be expensive.

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