Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tony Roma's @ IOI City Mall

We had our quarterly team dinner at Tony Roma's sometime during October.
The team ordered a few starters to be shared - the so-called Tony's 'onion loaf' (onion rings), buffalo chicken wing, flat bread & Tony Roma's 'kickin shrimp'.
and we did not realize that they also served free flow of Baguette...hence the starter plus the Baguette itself were already filling, even when we only took abit of everything!
another colleague ordered Scissor Caesar Salad to be shared among us too...
As for the main, I have always wanted to try their beef ribs, but this time I dun feel like taking beef, so this was what I've ordered, the Mojo Chicken served with fries.
Here's a description extracted from their website - Seasoned, grilled chicken breasts basted with Tony’s citrus and brown mustard mojo sauce.
But basically, it was jst a big slab of chicken breast with all those pineapples, capsicum, etc.
My Verdict: The chicken breast was slightly dry, hence it took me some time to chew and swallow that piece of 'dried meat'.
Their beef steak looks good too, although i did not try.
Huge food portion & a few of us have to 'tapau' our unfinished leftover to bring home.
Pricewise reasonable, ambience-wise - not bad, the place was crowded as usual.
Bon Appetit!


CL (RealGunners) said...

Hahaha! Scissor Salad! Good one! :D :D :D

The chicken dry is one thing. The fries seems like... too much. The steak plate even has one whole cob of corn. How to not full? >.<

Yee Ling said...

Not our usual dining place.

Somehow I still prefer this over TGI Fridays.

Small Kucing said...

Yes the portion are big. I love their fried mushrooms

Have a great 2016 babe☺

Nux V said...

RealGunners: yea, that's why need to ta-pau ;-)

Yee Ling: chilis, TGI Friday, Tony Roma's..i'm ON!

Small Kucing: oh fried mushroom?...I shall try that next time!

mun said...

Wah, your company so nice - can let you all have team dinner in Tony Roma. Do you all need to pay out of your own pocket or company pay?

Nux V said...

Mun: yea we get to vote to choose our dining place on every quarter. It is a quarterly team dinner and we don't have to fork out a single cent ;-)

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