Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve with Teresa Carpio

Went to Genting Highland on the Christmas eve to attend a dinner event. It was sort of a dinner-cum-evening musical where a number of Christmas songs were performed by the carolling group, Genting international live band and singers, and last but not least the star of the day itself - Teresa Carpio.
 A fusion of east & west cuisine were served. Among others are:
Foie gras mousse, asparagus and not-sure-what-are-the-others
 Dried scallop with ginseng and chicken essence soup
 Pacific cod with assorted wild mushrooms and garlic, olive oil and pasta
 Roasted turkey with baby potatoes
 Mum and I had an enjoyable evening as the songs performed by Teresa Carpio ranging from English to Chinese, classic Christmas tunes, Abba Mamma Mia stuffs, and some 60s & 70s songs. 
  Her vocal range is superb and she can sing well in various languages. 
How come i have never heard of her? All these while i only knew of Lea Salonga, but this is a real star who can sing and dance well, plus she has a good sense of humor!
At the end of the day, we even shook hand with her when she came down the stage and bid farewell while performing the song "When Will I See You Again"....
Well, I hope to see her again, perhaps next year?


[SK] said...

oh, that's nice!! got good food and also a good singer!! company annual dinner ah?? I know Teresa Caprio woh, she can sing and she can also act so funnily in comedies..

mun said...

What a nice way to spend Christmas eve! With your mother, good entertainment and a delicious dinner!

Princess Ribbon said...

Ooooh, I've heard of her.. Watched many movies with her in it too.. Those "qing dim" one like "Fantasy Island" (The one with Mark Cheng and the gorilla with the school girls in an island), Happy Ghost (the one where she is a nun in the school).. Nice..

Huai Bin said...

Everything looks so delicious! :)

I like how they have roast turkey and foie gras but also Chinese classics like scallop and ginseng soup.

I've been to something like this in Genting before but it was a long time ago - food was also served and there was also a performer who was famous in the old days (60's or 70's).

I think this one is famous back in the days too but it's not 80's coz I would have known her. Haha.

What a nice way to celebrate Christmas, I think a friend of mine was in Genting too.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! :)

Small Kucing said...

what a nice food! Yummy

Happy New Year

RealGunners said...

I didn't recognize the English name Teresa Carpio, but Wikipedia showed me her Cantonese name.. FAMOUS STAR leh! What a wonderful Xmas eve.. fine dining + star gazing..

Yee Ling said...

Wow...a yummylicous celebration it seems. The food were beautiful and tasty looking too.

Happy New Year 2015!

Hayley said...

Food looks unique!

Wishing you and family a happy new year!

mun said...

Happy New Year to you! May all your wishes come true in 2015!

Nux V said...

SK: yea she really can sing well and has very good sense of humor. She can joke and connect with the audiences.

Mun: yea, nothing beats the great food and spending quality time with family members during Christmas ;-)

Princess Ribbon: yea, i remember wonder she looks familiar like i have seen her somewhere...i mean in TV...haha!

Huai Bin: a fusion of eastern and western is fine with me, but having foie gras and then taking ginseng + chic essence soup after that is somehow a weird combination. Anyhow, as long as it has good food, im all IN!

Small Kucing: yeapzz...nice food, nice performance...and Happy New Year to you too!

RealGunners: eh, she got Cantonese name?? ok ok let me google it!

Yee Ling: yea, thanks! Happy New Year to you too ;-)

Hayley: Happy New Year to you & family and the baby in the tummy too!

Mun: Happy New Year to you, Mun! May you be blessed with abundance health and wealth!

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