Sunday, August 23, 2009

My lovely fullHOUSE!

No, u can't come to my house, i hav no comfy sofa nor drinks to serve u...
Let's go to Fullhouse!

Wht's unique @ tis place is not abt its drinks...

nor food

salmon (above) & chicken (below)

or the wall painting

but these!
this very classic dining table with super tall candle holder
and the classic living room...
even the photo frames are arranged in a classic way

there's even a bathtub and a pretty lady to bathe u!
with huge varieties of accessories to choose from!
comfy bed to lie your restless body
why not getting a change first before leaving?
nowhere as good place to snap your pics!
Yepz, tis place is 'fullhouse' during weekend with patrons bz doing their photo shoots using DSLR cam...which i yet to own...
and tht explains my blurrie and faded-color pics!
sorry peps!


C said...

wow..where is it? looked nice!! wah they even allow u to go into the bathtub? haha

keeyit said...

Full house at 牛车水.. I went there too.. the only nice place..

MikAl said...

Aye - same question like Canny... where is it?!? :-)

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