Sunday, August 23, 2009

A wedding & A Funeral

A recap of hips and happenins' over the past 3 months...

June - Hong Kong
I can't deny that the nite view here is indeed amazing. Tis 'glittering' LV shop in Central was screaming 'step in! pls step in!'
How can i resist it??? The below pic was shot from above a topless bus (to be exact, it was bus no:15C)
Nope, i did not buy any LV bags, regrets!
Will i be there again, perhaps in a biz trip?

July - Feasting Month!
All thanks to the promotion, not only it covered dim sum, but lunch & dinner were also included.
We hav been visiting tis place more than often...til we can't take it anymore!
Food was pretty mediocre, but at least the place was less chaotic as in dai-pai-dong (stalls).
The meal was simple, as above, clockwise from top left (beancurd 'swimming' in thick gravy, roast duck, lettuce in oyster sauce, and ginger chicken).

Presentation: Rate 3/5, Taste: Rate 2/5.

August - A wedding & A Funeral
Nope, they were not related to the same party. It was on 2 close relatives, and it happened just one week apart! Thank God they didn't clash!

The wedding
Where: St Ignatius Church, Damansara.
When: 8 August 09.
Unfortunately i wasn't able to witness this historic event, was stuck somewhere for a team building! Anyhow, congrats to my luvly cousin sis - Melissa!

The funeral
Where: Gospel Hall, KL.
When: 15 August 09.
I thought I wouldn't mourn over her loss, but nope, I almost broke down seeing her fragile body lying in the coffin. My aunt must have suffered alot during these 2 years aft being diagnosed with colon carcinoma. Being single, she enjoyed goin around places not until she fell sick. I was indeed grateful to her for attending my convocation (sometime ago). May her soul rest in peace, amen!

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