Saturday, March 29, 2008

Moody me

My apologies for being absent from my blog and your blog. Darn terrible mood these days :-(

Currently hav been in dilemma, which has drained lots of my energy.

On the other hand…I m too fed up with some of my colleagues’ attitude. Apart from their ‘many’ MCs (gone MC for check ups or MCs for some ‘rest’)…these people are getting less productive these days and I m doing a BIG part of their work. Which mean I’m the only committed fella left in the entire team which got me to go full-force. These people are doin much of their personal work and doin lesser in office but being paid with huge pay cheque! What a farking team! I gotta break this trap and move on with my career…wish me luck!
Lately, I have been tinking of goin to lotsa places, but the weather has drawn me back…The weekend was either too sunny or too humid with rain and thunderstorm and eventually I had to cancel my intention. So, these days, I m oni left with one option – being a couch potato and spend my entire weekend zzZZzzz and eating. No fun at all! Believe it or not, I’ve slept the whole day on last Sunday. Sien!
Company annual dinner is coming soon, which I dun feel like goin too. Well, call me lazy, but goin for a dinner at some unknown place after job isn’t my cup of tea. I hate socializing and just want a peaceful rest after a tiring working day.
Moody…moodymoody me


angelqiqi said...
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C said... as my colleagues too.. always 'MC' or 'EL'..but, what to do? Anyhow, we still have to work, rite? Try to take it easy nah :)

Hey friend,dun over stress.. I am sure there are people who know ur sacrifices and ur commitment for all the works that u've done. Maybe, you'll get promoted very soon? *Smiles :-D

U've been working so hard recently, plss go out for a walk! Give urself a good treat! Relax a bit..and u will feel better soon :D

Chillsssssss~~~~ NUX!!! ^_^

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