UTOPIA: Birthday Cake for the Annoying Sister

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Birthday Cake for the Annoying Sister

I'm sure u now know that I have an annoyin' sis who talks a lot. When I was a kid (2 or 3 yo), that was my impression of her - loud and noisy. Back then i was a small-size-toddler kid while she was a much taller kid that can easily shoved me aside when it comes to fights. She made me a number of crappy cards & gifts over the years which none can be utilized.
She that kinda person who likes to celebrate B'day (be it anyone) and still likes to play with fire blows out candles from the cake. So I got one for her b'day.
 the annoyin' sis with her b'day cake at midnite...u know she can't wait to blow up candles on the following morning, so she did it on the dot (when the clock strucks 12!)
see how happy she was!
why not? coz this year she dun have to receive a bottle of ketchup from me like in previous years :-)
coincidently her name is Yerin too (when translated into Korean name) and she gave me angpow for last Christmas (the amount is about KRW20000 too) to buy a dustbin~~no joke!


mun said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! Does she know that she is starring in your blog post? Hehehehe.

Libby said...

You call her annoying sister but I think you really dote on her, is she your elder sister or younger sister?

CL (RealGunners) said...

Hahaha! So actually you are like Yeseo too, you actually look forward to her quickly blowing the candles so that you can EAT THE CAKE! XD

Nux V said...

Mun: that should be belated birthday....that was actually 2 months ago. Anyway, thx (on her behalf)!

Libby: haha, u guess? hint: read the post & u'll know ;-)

RealGunners: yea, haha! guess what? I just had Secret Recipe cakes a moment ago. Boss's b'day.

Huai Bin said...

Happy birthday to your sister! :)

I have a sister too but I was never close to her. Maybe it was coz we were too close together (in age) so we always fought (coz our personalities are so different). I was rebellious and she was studious and now she's a cardiologist and I wish I was studious in the past. HAHAHA

Yee Ling said...

I don't have a sister but I can see from my two girls they actually care and love each other despite they fight like cat and dogs from day till night. Hahah

Nux V said...

Huai Bin: thx! (on my sis behalf). Well, my annoying sis is not far in terms of age gap, but we are totally opposite personalities too. She is still outgoing & extrovert kinda person. I guess the siblings are made to be different to balance out the family, LOL!

Yee Ling: great that u dun have a sis, else u both will fight like hell. But I tink kids do fights, that's part of growing up ;-)

Huai Bin said...

Yeah, I think so too! Siblings are always so different, like yin and yang, they balance each other out. :)

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