UTOPIA: Outdated Post on Raya Open House @ UPM MTDC

Monday, September 7, 2015

Outdated Post on Raya Open House @ UPM MTDC

It's Monday again and I'm havin' Monday Blues as usual...no mood to work although I have plenty of stuff pending...something is real wrong with me...Could be the decreasing RM value these days? or I no longer find any pleasure in doin the job that I'm doing? I lose focus easily and seems to be surfing net but not doin anything (am a terrible employee, ain't I?) Anyhow, to kill my 'boredom' lemme post some foodie pictures on what I took during the last Raya.
It was an Open House aka 'Rumah Terbuka' for the recent Raya festival and we got invited by UPM to feast in their MTDC hall.
Clockwise from Top: Roasted Lamb with mashed potato and coleslaw, satays (beef and chicken), biryani rice with acar. The cup on the right is 'air bandung' (some sort of syrup drink)
that was my first round of food...u might think that I m stuffing myself silly!
but anyhow, i didn't really finished the food clean, what I did was merely tasted a bit of here and there, then leaving a huge part untouched (nope, I dun always do that!)
The food was really hmmm.....awful. Well, when the food are prepared in a mass, especially in such event where it was either done very early in the morning (or the day before), all u can taste is some hard and cold meat and not so well cooked rice. Tastewise OK, but texture was so not up to par.
Luckily they have plenty of booths offering a variety of local fares, so I waste no time and proceed to get a plate of fruit rojak, top up with some sengkuang, kangkung and tofu (to balance out the flavorful rojak sauce).
the rojak was superb coz the ingredients were prepared fresh. Next to this rojak stall, I saw another tempting food, mihun/mee rebus and soto...I placed an order for mihun rebus with added peanuts...
it was a hot day then and I get myself a bowl of ABC, but it melted quite fast.
by the time i finished this bowl, it was already 2pm. So, we quickly get back into our car and head back to office.


[SK] said...

so good one kena invited by UPM to their open house.. but seems more like rushing woh, you just briefly ate and had to go back to office again..

mun said...

So much food! Sad to hear some don't taste nice. I also feel sad thinking about the rm so low.

RealGunners said...

Don't worry lah, you're not the only one. I think it is normal especially in low cost countries like us. Most of us work for the money rather than passion, so within a few years, we will lose all motivation.

Hahaha got free food then don't complain lah... be lenient a bit :P

Nux V said...

SK: yea, kinda rush..but we enjoyed the fun ;-)

Mun: so much that we couldn't finish tasting all of them!

RealGunners: yea, can't complain much since it is free food...

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