UTOPIA: Shanghai, Day 4 - Part 3 (The Bund)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Shanghai, Day 4 - Part 3 (The Bund)

What fascinated me about this city is not about the sophisticated skyscraper...
Well, the charm of the Ol' Shanghai lies at....
When i first saw the itinerary, i noticed that the Bund wasn't included...hence i slip-in my own program...that is to stroll along The Bund.
after all, this is what Shanghai is famous for...the colonial buildings!
since kid, i was fascinated with Art Deco architectures, especially those Gothic ones...hence a visit to The Bund is a MUST!
The whole stretch along this row of building is full of uniquely designed architectures which now houses some of the international banks, government offices, and boutique hotels.
it's sort of heritage and these buildings have definitely stand the test of time and still stood strong despite many bombings by the Japanese during 2nd World War. Well, of course some restoration has been carried out after then...and the façade still remain original as it was.
i was mesmerized by the huge grand entrance at some of the buildings.
the heavy doors and textured walls and ceiling.
like it so MUCH
back to the streets...the blossoming flowers reminds me of spring...
this place is well-guarded by police.
more colourful flowers around the pavement.
Below: The Agricultural Bank of China. ABC ranks 3rd in Forbes’ 11th annual Global 2000 ranking of the biggest, most powerful and most valuable companies in the world. Fuiyohh....dun play play!
magnificent window arch.
well, i actually went in to one of the bank hoping to bump into some rich merchant...and first time seeing an ol' fashioned bank with high fenced counters...unfortunately no photo taking allowed in the bank.
alrite, enuff of the building exterior...i stopped by The Peninsula hotel to have an evening tea....a pee..
am a cheapo...i 'tumpang' using their washroom...
the washroom was well attended by an "attendant" dressed in French-maid-uniform...kinda cute!
well, in case u wanna have some evening tea...here's the place!
i wish to, but was running outta time as my 2-hour freedom wasn't enuff...and i gotta run back to the assembling point...which is a few miles from here.
i wish i could hop onto this bus to bring me back to Nanjing road...haih...lazy to walk....


Princess Ribbon said...

When I see the Bund, I think of Seong Hoi Tan liao, haha.. Nice buildings, I like, very "got feel" leh.. haha..

RealGunners said...

Longgg Bundddd~ Longggg Lauuu~~ That's how it came about, I think ;)

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Hi tQ for dropping by. First time flying... the 'no frills' airline where heard lots of comments, complains etc hehe. Yeah missed the nice old colonial buildings in Shanghai as we had a very short stay only.

mun said...

You made the right choice to experience The Bund, a place full of history. :)

Small Kucing said...

Lovely place to walk around. Great that you managed to snap so many lovely pic

Hayley said...

Those buildings are nice! Looks so Western style.

Nux V said...

Princess Ribbon: haha, me too! that Seong Hoi Tan series/movie really contribute some publicity to this place ;-)

RealGunners: Famous song indeed, still famous even after 30 years!

Bananaz: hey there! thx for dropping by too!

Mun: hehe...yea ;-)

Small Kucing: for look-see around, that place is indeed lovely.

Hayley: u like old buildings too? indeed those are western building built by some 'ang moh' company in the early 20th century ;-)

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