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Thursday, January 17, 2013


It's frustrating when i couldn't upload pics into blog post...The option to upload pics from PC harddisk is no longer in the blogger...or perhaps it's there but it doesn't let me select from my local harddisk! I hav plenty of photos pending to upload, what more with my recent trip to Bhutan...
Anyway, a lil' update here...more of like personal ones. I got a new manager & a new guy in the team..both are okay so far...at least they are not a bunch of 'bastards' who play politics/drama in the office...I m quite pleased working with them coz these ppl are serious with their job...just like me ;-)
Well, last week marked my 3rd anniversary workin in the current company, it has been many changes since i first joined...coz of the numerous restructure. The previous batches of ppl whom i worked with has all gone (left) and this would also marked the 3rd batch of ppl i m working with...Totally new faces!
It somehow gav me a feeling that i hav been here like for so long when i m oni 3 years in this current place! And now even the Director has also changed...Too much changes and too drastic to adapt at one point.
Well...the Director has been strict all the while and now that he is leaving to another dept for good. Before leaving, he has suggested for another batch of ppl to take PMP certification in the dept. I m in the list! Hopefully i m "IN" for real coz i dun wish to be dissappointed of not getting a certification when every Project Manager here has it, but not me.

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