UTOPIA: Colleague's farewell lunch

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Colleague's farewell lunch

* This is a backpost, dating back to December 2012
We had a jolly good time of team luncheons and dinner banquet (yeah, company annual dinner) throughout December...not enuff with that there is also some personal B'day celebration and X'mas gathering...
GOSH! i hav put on weight again!!!
Anyhow, a colleague recently left (yea that was Dec!) and to celebrate him leaving this dreadful place pursuing his career at a new work place, we went for a department cum farewell lunch for him, somewhere nearby the office and quite close to my house ;-) ohh, didn't i tell u tht i stay nearby my workplace?
Anyway, here's the first dish...
this is fried calamari ring
but i refer this as "chao yau yu" dish
it means "Fired from the job"
not a good dish to start off the meal...haha
whoever who ordered this is so mean...knowing that our beloved colleague here will be leaving us, sort of teasing??
Then came this dish....
no no...it is not banana fritter...
in Cantonese, there is a saying "chung jiu" (direct translation "got banana-ed") meaning, "getting into trouble"
anyway, it wasn't banana...else i would be wondering if this colleague has upsetted anyone here who revenged him back with ordering such "teasing dish"?
well, these are the 2 starter dishes...there were quite a number of dishes that we ordered but everyone got really hungry and we just wallop whatever edible stuffs that was served on the table, hence mouth full and hands too busy eating...

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