UTOPIA: Christmas Eve Gathering

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas Eve Gathering

All i want for Christmas is....
or this...
or perhaps edible lil' people
It has been almost a month since the Christmas gone and this post is a much delayed post...so sorry u gotta read all those "outdated" posts that i m gonna spam her ;-)
So, here is it, the pics:
the Christmas exchange gifts @ X'mas eve gathering
i hav potluck at some church fella's house...and someone bought satays
here's the side dish to be eaten with satays...cucumber and nasi impit (sticky rice)
then the host has prepared some salad
that pairs well with meatballs, cocktail sausages, fishballs and eggs
sis brought a bottle of red wine
and someone sponsor a cake...with plenty of fruits topping
while waiting for everyone to arrive, i had some board game...someting that i hav not played for long
here's the opened gifts...
 looks good...like some sort of product display at departmental store ;-)

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