UTOPIA: Birthday Celebration - Part 1

Friday, January 18, 2013

Birthday Celebration - Part 1

December passes so fast and soon enuff, it is now January, not January 1st but 18th!!!
oh dear, where my time has gone?!
Anyway, i had a series of Birthday parties/celebration goin on the whole Dec and i truly enjoyed it, despite some minor upset moment.
 It started off with a cake tht i bought for myself...
 it is Durian cake...so creamy but not 'fragrant'
then, i had my birthday meal...very meaty and high cholestrol!
but, once in a while is okay for me...
it was a sumptious dinner and i truly enjoyed observing a bunch of youngster having some sort of X'mas gathering just over the other table...it makes me feel "young" again as if i m part of them...(despite i m oni 'observing')
simple thing pleases me much!

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