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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yuzu @ the Gardens

No doubt that my boss practise double standard on us in the team. The newbies will alwiz get treated well...
Too bad, i ain't new, and hence my boss never treat me b'day or even wish me at all.
There was tis new teammate who jst joined in about a month plus but have been treated for a sumptous and extraordinary expensive Japanese meal!
Anyhow, despite the theme (well, the main purpose is to celebrate her b'day), I'd assume this as a team lunch. With that, I won't feel so mch upset of my boss not treating me b'day meal despite of me working so hard for him over the previous years.
Putting the disappointment aside, as long as there is food, I would be delighted!
 the place is called "Yuzu", not quite sure of its meaning, but from translation it is actually refering to a fruit.
 there were 6 of us, and each of us ordered a different bento set
Here is the first set - cold soba noodle with sushi and salad
 Second set - tempura with sushi
 Third set - Hot pot with sashimi
 A closer look at the hot pot
 Fourth set - This is called as "Yuzu Gozen" and it was a heaviest bento set meal with beef, sushi, sashimi, salad and tempura...
Well, this is for the lucky b'day gal
 Fifth set -sticky rice with hot boiled chicken and salad
 And lastly the bento set that i ordered
Fits my taste bud perfectly!
It has all my fav japanese food in one tray - raw salmon, crispy tempura and flavorful unagi fish, with salad, miso soup and rice...
 look at the temptious salmon sashimi! it is so thick and fresh!
 and the unagi is delicious
 at the end of the meal, we requested for a simple cake for the birthday gal
 we cut it into pieces to be shared among us...
the cake is spongy and sweet...and i thought it could be the sweetened condensed milk...
wish i could go there again...if only my boss would treat us another meal on my b'day...
Bon Appetit!

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