UTOPIA: I got no LIFE (Part 1)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I got no LIFE (Part 1)

Thanks fella for your recent comments on my previous post 'Yawn'.
Unfortunately i m still yearning to live a 'colorful' life rather than sitting at home becoming a couch potato...or getting myself rot at home :-(
Am still in a dilemma over certain things that 'might' change my life (ok la, it dun sound tht serious!).
But one thing for sure is tht my decision will very much impact my livelihood (maybe?)
Hate this kind of feeling. Hopefully everything will end within this few weeks.
Suddenly i feel like wanting to go Chinatown. I miss those colorful buildings and my once 'colorful' life!


Canny Har™ said...

Hmm are u gonna work at a new place? Not in KL/Malaysia?

Chinatown is in Petaling street? Or the UK Chinatown?

Hmm..you sound so moody...I feel moody too.. LOL..!!

jam said...

Everything will be ok. Dun worry.

Nux V said...

canny har: i was moody. Yea working in a new place & still in KL. Wanting to go Chinatown SG, miss it so much!

jam: thanks, hopefully!

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