Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Beef Bulgogi @ MiNaRae

MiNaRae was the first Korean restaurant that i tried way before Seoul Garden or Dao Rae.
It was less crowded back then...
But now, this place has gotten popular in the neighbourhood and is usually very crowded during the peak lunch and dinner hours.
I tink they did the right thing in keeping the crowds coming...yea, their banchans are superb.
 it is not like those crappy cucumbers and beansprout that i got in those bigger Korean chain restaurant. Here in MiNaRae it has a variety and 'balanced' banchans consists of beans, potato salad, fishcakes, anchovies and nuts, kimchi, pancake and even cauliflower! 
All together a total of 10 banchans!
 and out of them, 2 are the kimchi stuffs...
 and nope i did not order some barbeque items but instead i was jst having a beef bulgolgi soup.
It was generous with ingredients and the soup was flavorful.
this meal costs only RM19.90, and after GST it is somewhere RM21.10
It sure was a hearty meal and value for money indeed.
BoN ApPetiT!


mun said...

Wow! The banchans look good. Since this is in Sri Petaling, I think I will drop by one day (if I can find parking) just to eat the banchans.

Princess Ribbon said...

The sides look good.. I'm not very fond of the sides when I go dine at Korean restaurants, but there are some which I like, and keep refilling - the egg, the potato salad and the ikan bilis.. But I know different place, different sides..

CL (RealGunners) said...

I love these good value for money meals. Testament that as long as you are not greedy for profits, you can keep prices reasonable even when serving delicious and good portion food.

Nux V said...

Mun: parking is a problem...nowadays I try to avoid that area too, only when no choice then park at the multi-storey car park.

Princess Ribbon: I would prefer to refill the egg, potato and the ikan bilis too!

RealGunners: haha...the key to lasting business is that the owner is not greed and calculative over trivial items.

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