Thursday, March 20, 2014

Finally, I managed to post pictures into blogger....

Well, if u noticed carefully, u'l find that i hardly upload any photos/pictures into Blogger lately. THAT was becoz i had this-very-technical issue with Blogger whenever i'm using IE browser.  I guess that the WAIT for Blogger to get it 'fixed' was jst too long, that now i switched over to Google Chrome jst for the sake of posting photos into blogger! 
Due to this, u might hav missed out those 'moments', where i could possibly post up some juicy posts with 'picture-worth-a-thousand words' photos!
****sounding very emo here****
ALRITE, enuff of being emo....
Now that i found my way to solve tis problem, that i will make full use of this chance to upload a picture, hoping that it dun affect Chrome soon...*touch wood!
so, what's with this picture gotta do with my post here?!
ok, this is so un-related to the posting...
Anyway, i recently completed watching a chinese series, and i found this couple very sweet. This is one of the series promotional poster.
To describe this poster: Pure, sweet and lovely...LOL
On another note, i can't wait for the free trip to Shanghai next month. Flight ticket has been booked and visa has been approved! Yeay!
Talking about flight, my prayer goes to those onboard MH370. The search has been taking almost 2 weeks by now, hopefully the plane could be found soon!

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