Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Yesterday nite was spent on litting up lanterns for mid-autumn. I used to hav a collection of paper lanterns from mini size up to those huge ones...but over the years, some hav been burnt. Yepz...I was having 'paper' lanterns...the ol' and traditional type which was collected since my childhood days.
here's another from neighbor's compound...They oni have 2 balinese style lanterns ;-)
tis pink lantern was a gift from a campus friend & i m stil keeping it
my fav yellow triangular lantern and the colorful candles
jst finished litting up 2 rows of lanterns...
dun u tink the cactus next to the dim lights looks scary?
the bright moon, a lantern and a....wolf...shhhhhhesssh
and finally some mooncakes to enjoy, with chinese tea...the ol' fashion way...
zoomed into the mooncake, wut did u notice?

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