Thursday, December 11, 2008

Har Mee

I ain't a great fan of instant noodles. Used to hav it since skooling days till i dun feel like havin' it anymore. After about a decade of not touching any instant noodles, i m hooked into it again...nothing beats the satisfaction of decorating a plain instant noodle into a tempting meal!
Been experimenting with plain chicken noodles, but now i'v move on with 'har mee' (prawn noodles)...instead of using prawn, it was replaced with roasted pork! a colleague once told me tht she likes seeing me preparing noodles @ the office pantry coz they looked colorful and tempting, much like those sold @ hawker stalls!

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C said...

I got a 'HAR MEE' nickname coz of my surname--Har.

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