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Monday, August 8, 2016


Have been longin' to try out myBurgerLab since it opened its outlet in OUG few years back.
But each time I passed by it would rather be crowded, seemingly this place only operates from 6pm onwards.
It is still a craze, but the crowds no longer as huge as before. So, I guess it's time for me to drop by...
Went there at almost 7pm. There was a small queue in front of the shop. The order counter is located rite in front of the entrance and that's the sole counter that takes your order. No wonder the queue can easily formed until outside coz there is not much space to queue once u get in from their entrance. There is no proper signboard with picture of the burgers unlike those fast-food chain (where u gotta see huge burger pics displayed at counters). If u r a first-timer, u might be lost coz u only get to read the menu on the 'notice board' which is rite next to the ordering counter/cashier. And u gotta read thru the entire list which is full of words + decide fast while the cashier is standing there waiting for ur order.
 well, the below picture says it all!
  Anyhow, I snapped the menu just in case I would visit for a second time and can pre-decide on what to order next (see topmost pic). Upon ordering u'l be given a waiting number as the kitchen prepares ur burger.
The dining place was fully occupied by the time I seated for my meal.
 the burger was served from the kitchen, freshly prepared.
 u can get a selection of sauces from a counter located nearby the kitchen. That's the place where u fill-up the drinks too (self-service).
 I ordered an 'A+' burger which comprises of seared beef patty with sharp cheddar, caramelised onions, shiitake mushroom & enoki mushrooms.
tastewise so-so, perhaps this is an 'entry-level' burger...I should have order the 'beautiful mess' burger next time.


mun said...

I have not been to this branch because traffic around that area of OUG is terrible around 6 pm. I have only been to the one in PJ Seapark once, to buy a burger for takeaway. Only ate one mouthful as I don't eat a full dinner (share with others) so I can't really tell how it was.

CL (RealGunners) said...

Hmm... maybe next time order, yeah, the Beautiful Mess. Or The Ultraman 3.0. The ingredients listed seem more exciting there...

Nux V said...

Mun: yea, traffic there is always that bad :-(

RealGunners: yes, I will try the Ultraman & Beautiful Mess, stay tuned!

Carson Maitland - Smith said...

Burgers are better at Hungry Jack's

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