UTOPIA: Monthly B'day Celebration @ the Office

Friday, June 28, 2013

Monthly B'day Celebration @ the Office

How will i not gain weight?
With the monthly b'day celebration and the good food around, not only i m being fed well but instead gain extra pounds...
 it has been 3 years and i hardly failed to join the company's monthly b'day celebration organized by the HR...
well...for the sake of.....ahemmmm...
some socializing
 the usual ones will have some finger food and fried stuffs, but apparently we are also celebrating the opening of our newly renovated cafeteria...hence, a much more varieties to the spread
see this roti canai??
looks tempting...
 and the colourful dessert...consists of puddings, jellies and cakes
 but i did not touch even a single piece of it...was too full!
 here's my plate of everyting...
curry chicken, fried vermicelli, roti canai, fried wonton, and fried crabstick

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