UTOPIA: Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam, Penang

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam, Penang

While heading to our next destination, we passed by Beach Road and saw alot of ol' gothic-like colonial buildings...
 i have kinda impression that this place is sort of a business and administrative districts during the colonial days with banks and merchants shops located and centralized at both rows of shophouses located along this stretch of road. 
The building here are well maintained...as part of the UNESCO trail
Somewhere in the middle of this place, stood a familiar establishment
Yeapz, it is Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam!
and with some innovation on the interior to copy back of those 1920's coffeehouse architecture, it attracts alot of youngster like me to frequent to this place.
 mable round tables and wooden chairs...very 20's-ish! Me likeeey it very mch!
 the spiral staircase leading to somewhere...not sure if there is an upper floor for this kopitiam...
 there is also some sofa couch seats for u to rest ur back
this place is jst as well decorated as the outlet back at my neighborhood ;-)

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