UTOPIA: Jojo Pan Mee Restaurant

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jojo Pan Mee Restaurant

Nothing beats a good bowl of noodle on a cool Friday nite!
and off i went to this humble lil' restaurant called 'Jojo' specializing in "Pan Mee"
btw, the "Pan" as mentioned here is not refering to the english word "pan"...
the word simply means "board" if direct translated from chinese...but of course it isn't made of board!
i guess the reason it is called this way could be the noodles comes in flat pieces, thus the given name "board"...
 this place is spacious and not many tables were occupied upon my arrival
 they offers lotsa sauces to go with the noodles...most of them are chilli sauce...
Beware, some are extremely spicy! 
 here is my bowl of noodle...the original soup-based Pan Mee
halfway eating and was still enjoying it! the broth is so flavorful and i believe they put lotsa stock in it!

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