UTOPIA: Bendera Hill, Penang

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bendera Hill, Penang

We adjourned to the next nature attraction after getting down from Air Itam dam...
this time is a more established place...the Bendera Hill (aka Bukit Bendera). I hav been to this place some 20 years ago when i was only a kid.
We tried out the new cable tram which they hav just replaced on last year...The fare to ride on this tram is MYR8 for locals (with MyKad/MyKid) or MYR30 for foreigners, for a return trip ticket.
It was a quick ride and the whole journey was amazingly smooth and fast!
i guess the Penang government has invested alot in purchasing this tram from a Swiss company!
btw, if u wonder how the very first tram looks like...this is it! The tram is completely made of woods, some hundred years back ;-)
There's not mch to be seen at the hill top except that if u want to visit the Owl Museum, which i think is overpriced...with nothing mch to be seen!
 anyhow, our purpose here is to savor the famous ice kacang (or known as 'ABC')...
 there are a few stalls operating at the food centre selling this same dessert...and at the same price!
so, we ordered 2 bowls to be shared among 4 of us!
 colorful display of the ice kacang...the kids gonna luv it!
 after a satisfied ice kacang ordeal, we went for a brief walk around the hill...
due to the haze...i can onli managed to see Penang in a very limited vicinity...
In a normal clear day, we can see Penang bridge from afar
adios Penang Hill...
till my next trip....(shall be another 20 years later...)

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