UTOPIA: A-Levels Questions

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A-Levels Questions

Let's see how much you can score (without referencing somewhere!)
Answers to be out in my next post!
Have fun ;-)


Cometh said...

1. F S S. Days of the week

2. add one stroke to make the + 4 at the 5 + 5 = 545 then 545 + 5 = 550

3. write "anything" there... =p

4. Just draw a rectangle with 3 lines. |-----------|
| ||| |

there a rectangle with 3 lines.


So, do I pass? hohohoho

Nux V said...

cometh: hey, why ur answers seem to be photocopied?

aleshay said...

Hye Nux V, nice website do you have.
i cannot answer the question. not A level student :P

Cometh said...

Where got photocopied?

I type all of that... wor

But with little help from Uncle Google..


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