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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Family

Six babies after twin daughters...Isn't that great? They seems to be like a huge happy family. Well, having a pair of twins is enuff to make their parent confused (in guessing who-is-who). Now they are having a batch of sextuplets! The twin sisters would now play a bigger responsibilities in taking care of their lil' bro and sis, perhaps each taking care of 3 bro's or 3 sis's and swapping with each other!
hmmm, as for the 6 siblings, i guess they would have hard time identifying each other's identity (since 3 sisters look alike) and perhaps mistakenly identified their elder sister too?


Chee Hoe said...

I would faint if I would one day have triplets.... lol

Sextuplets? I think a heart attack... haha

xniquet said...

i know the reason behind this post liao, this is actually Nux's goal after she gets married XD

Anonymous said...


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cbenc12 said...

is a beautiful family isnt it? but i guess its a lot of works and noise too :D not to mention $!

pearly said...

wooo I must say she is a very brave women ,with 8 kids all under 10 years old my goodness , there both are super parent I must say .
is a beautiful family too !

Nux V said...

chee hoe: LOL! it costs a bomb in raising a kid! what more with 6 kids!

xniquetx: hey, i m not that productive!

cbenc12: yea, definately alot of work and noise!

pearly: well, same to you too...you are a brave women for looking after your teenage kids and a newborn baby ;-)

炒米粉Ken said...


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