UTOPIA: Eating Obsession

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eating Obsession

I was so obsessed with eating lately, that I went for another 'makan outing' not long after i came back from the makan trip at Malacca. Went around the shopping malls hunting for junks/snacks which i 'longing-to-eat-but-got-no-chance'...Now, i can eat 'sepuas-puasnya'. Darn good appetite these days!

My favorite Pretzel
Sour Cream&Onion flavor...yummylicious!
Tried out Wendy's baked potato. Had it before, but a different flavor, this time i hav cheese and chilli!
A closer shot! Abit dissappointed coz the taste was almost the same as the previous one despite another flavor...Nothing special.
total damage: $9.50

oh btw, the photos from the malacca makan-trip have been uploaded (thank God i din throw up, but end up going to toilet 4 times the following day!). Thanks Canny for inviting. Great to know you and your wonderful bunch of makan-gang!

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