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Friday, November 30, 2007

IQ Question

Hey people, u r invited to answer the below question ;-)

Each sweet has a wrapper
Each sweet is sold for $1
3 wrappers can be exchanged for 1 sweet

How many sweets can you get for $15?


Put on your thinking cap and think carefully!
Answer to be out soon ;-)


3POINT8 said...

$15 can get maximum of 22 sweets.
correct or not??

x said...

15= 5 free sweets
5 free sweets = 1 free sweets

15+5+1= 24

3POINT8 said...

Formula to get A1 in maths

Calvin's Wife said...

21 sweets

rm15 buy 15 sweets
15 wrappers change 5 sweets
5 wrappers change 1 sweet

Calvin's Wife said...

actually i prefer zero... wukakakka

pinksterz said...


buy 15 get 5

3 from 5 get another 1

1 + remaining 2 got other one

end up with extra wrapper!

Calvin's Wife said...

22!!! wukakak thanks pink u pandai

3POINT8 said...

I don't have a thinking cap...
can i still qualify to answer this question??

x said...

semua salah...

i tunjuk formula:

let x= no of sweets

Solution: Using the Multiplication Principle,
multiply each side of the equation
by (1/4).

(1/4)4x = (1/4)9

The variable is now isolated.

x = 24

pinksterz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pinksterz said...

x your statement is even wrong!

5 free sweets = 1 free sweets

how can that be true? blek!

3POINT8 said...



pinksterz said...

the funny thing is all of these commentors are the same people i talk to everyday! LOL!

nux, we even discussed and debated on it in msn wor! =D

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