UTOPIA: Toong Fong Bus Tickets

Friday, October 19, 2007

Toong Fong Bus Tickets

Saw these when sis clear up her shelves...colorful bus tickets!
It brought back lotsa nostalgic memories..
Well, this bus company no longer operate in KL city, coz most of their areas hav been covered by rapidKL (formerly intrakota)...and thus, these tickets are considered 'antiques' now...imagine a bus fare tht cost just 30 cent??!!! tht was about 13 years ago..u will never find any route tht cost tht cheap anymore...(unless u use an RM1 rapidKL ticket and travel non-stop within a day!)


Jason Phoon said...

You know, I've actually seen those bus tickets last year when I was travelling back from negeri sembilan to KL.

I don't know about the company, but the tickets are still around !

Nux V said...

yeapz...those bus tickets still around, but rarely seen in KL and no longer frm Toong Fong (once dominating all the bus routes, apart frm metrobus) and it definately doesn't cost 30 cents, 45 cents..
30 cents seems valuable during those days, but now, it can only buy u sweets, or a piece of cheap kuih..

jam said...

I only remeber the Mini Bas and the bus conductor shout "masuk dalam sikit". Now it gone too.

Nux V said...

yea, pink mini bus!!! miss them too...each time i took mini bus, i will be squeezed like sardines ;P

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