UTOPIA: Collection (Part I) - School Badges

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Collection (Part I) - School Badges

School badges - something tht brings back lotsa nostalgic schooldays memories...

Do u still keep them?

Well, i don't.

But i found these from a shelf at home and most of them dated back to some 30 years ago.

Looking rather rusty and more like junks, these metal badges have been well-kept for decades, except tht we dun polish them!

Metal school badges are hardly found nowadays as most schools have switched to using cloth badge during late 90s. Cloth badge which is sewn on the school uniform, is used as a way to curb displinary issues as it ease the public/school authorities to identify students who 'ponteng' and loiters during school hours.

Well, i personally prefers the metal badge coz it looks good when worn on uniforms...shinny, classy and easily taken out (so tht u won't b easily identified when creating some nuisance outside the school!). Besides, it is also economical as students can rotate it on all their uniforms instead of having a few for each of their uniforms.

During my 13 years of schooling (including 2 years pre-U), i only hav one metal school badge, and the rest were cloth badges.
Up next: Stamps


3POINT8 said...

WoW!! Thats a lot of badges. I guess those must be your special 'ponteng' badges since you don't keep school badges....

keeyit said...

I don't coz I din participate in many school activities..

You are quite an active person in school ?

X said...

mana your persatuan Mak Yah metal badge ? wukakkakaa

I some badges..you want ? but not persatuan Mak Yah la ..:P

Nux V said...

3point8: i m a good student & dun ponteng skool one ;P

keeyit: me neither ;P those are not mine.

x: mak yah? got such persatuan meh? so, wut badges do u hav?

X said...

pengawas badge and persatuan tamil ...you mau ka ?

Nux V said...

oh, rupa-rupanya X is a former prefect, dun play play wif tis prefect, later kena denda!
eeeeeek, takutnya....

X said...

tunjuk KUKU ..wyuakakkaa
you KUKU tak DAK potong


tay said...

hi Nux V,
i found yr blog when i googled school badges.
guess tt explains why i'm writing to you.
would u b keen to sell the badges to me?
i collect them for hobby.
ribuan terima kasih!


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