Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Voila Hotel - Dinner, Day 6 & 7

Woke up quite early on a beautiful Friday morning, as the day gets bright very early here...
since it was early and i was hungry, headed downstair for breakfast...a SUMPTUOUS one!
by now, I have formed a list on what to pick - my fav hashbrown, sausages, croissant, samosa and baked beans...and either broccoli juice or orange juice or both!
Went back to the room after a heavy breakfast, freshen up myself and off to work. The HOD boss will usually pick us up at 8am (or earlier), but as for that day he was unusually late and somehow his car was involved in an accident (the day before) and he drove a smaller car which was rented from the workshop.
Lunch was at the office cafeteria which consist of grilled chicken breast, potatoes, salad and free-flow baguette.
And if u noticed, there is also fruits in the container at the top left of this picture...the dessert!
Most of my meal came with dessert of either fruits, custard, or cake. Sometimes I forgot to 'claim' my dessert after the meal and the person manning the counter was so nice to keep it and hand it to my HOD boss. And then the HOD boss will jokingly teased us for being forgetful.
Meanwhile, Friday dinner in the hotel was Milanese chicken again...*repetitive of Day 3 (so, no need to put picture lah)
As for Day 7, it was a Saturday! wooo-hoooo!!!
me and colleague took the opportunity to see the island coz I haven't got the chance to visit around since arriving in this beautiful land of Mauritius, whereas for her she has been here like 4-5 times already....
The tour guide took us to a restaurant somewhere in southern part of the island...
Lunch: Indian vegetarian which consists of curry, chao-chao, samosas, roti, salads and basmati rice...
It was good!
After the half day tour, we were back at the hotel for dinner coz we dun want to waste our $$$ eating outside when the hotel dinner is paid by the Client
well, hotel dinner is sometimes disappointing...just look at my burnt chicken....it was supposed to be grilled chicken steak but kinda overcooked....I scrapped off the burnt skin before eating.
The dinner wasn't enuff to sustain till midnite, by 11pm I got hungry again....so....what's for supper???
yesssss...the FORGOTTEN lunch desserts that was accumulated over the week!
I hav kept them in the fridge for 3-4 days, luckily they were still edible...

Friday, March 16, 2018

Voila Hotel - Dinner, Day 4 & 5

The office cafeteria food is quite limited. It is either local Mauritius meal or western food. I preferred to have local Mauritius food as much as I do to try out their local cuisine.
Well, their local food is very much like ours, with rice as staple, though sometimes Indian roti or French croissant.
My lunch consist of beans (lotsa them!), rice, curry sardines and some pickles. The green thing at the side is their local pounded chilli paste. If the Chinese have soy sauce, the Mauritians would have this chilli paste as a must-have-item to enhance the spiciness of their food.
I kinda like it, it was superbly spicy with a hint of raw chili taste (and some herbs). The spiciness is equivalent to the hottest Peri-peri sauce.
as for the dinner, I had 'Mediterranean chicken' in the hotel
the hotel menu is just a 2-piece cardboard , it does not offer much choices, more so if u hav a restricted diet such as vegetarian, non-beef eater etc.
Luckily I'm not ;-)
my GOAL is to try out all items in the menu before I leave
The Mediterranean chicken wasn't good nor bad, just so-so...Hotel food, what to expect?
if wanna have better food then spend $$$ and go out dine lor...
The following day
The next day, I had something unfamiliar for my lunch...
The red ones were chicken chunks cooked in tomato sauce, the colorless was eggplant and the yellow thingy I still couldn't figure out despite finishing the dish...It tasted like some pumpkin, but not-quite too....
googling out, I tink it is mashed Patty-Pan Squash
 as for dinner, I had grilled fish with mac & cheese

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Voila Hotel - Dinner, Day 2 & 3

The first day at client's office was kinda challenging with 'major hiccups'...
Anyway, I managed to brace thru them and hence, I must reward myself with good food after goin thru a hard day.
I revenged the Client by ordering the most expensive item in the menu (not me paying anyway!)
the sirloin steak
look at the thick cuts, i like it medium rare with blood oozing out!
*carnivore mode ON
alrite, this slab of meat is well-marinated, but is too meaty & heaty
went back room to brew some 'ho yan hor' else tomorrow sure fall sick
The following day
If you have read my previous post, the office that I was stationed has its own cafeteria and in-house chef that prepares healthy meal. Usually it serves 2-3 items in the menu for the staffs to choose.
During my first day, I was given the menu chit for the week and the following week. Basically I have to tick my preferred option and they will key-in into their database. They will put a 'mark' once I have eaten/claimed my meal from the cafeteria.
Unfortunately the menu were all in French, so I have to make do with my limited French to guess the food item.
On the 2nd day, I had beef steak for lunch again...but this was a more decent steak with no blood oozing...
It was served with a generous portion of French bean and mashed potatoes...
drinks in the cafeteria consists of free-flow coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks as well as the usual drinking water...Yea, just take a cup/glass and DIY from the machine.
During the evening, i hav enuff of beef and tried the chicken Milanese in the hotel
they use chicken breast for this and was a bit dry....Would prefer it to serve with salad than fries.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Voila Hotel - Dinner, Day 1

continuation from the previous post...
The client booked us hotel package that comes with dinner, hence we can have our daily dinner there without having to pay a single cent.
My first dinner was curry chicken rice. I always go with the safest choice when dining at a new place..
Well, u can't go wrong with curries!
it comes with a very diluted dhal soup (on the side, small bowl) and a very sour pickles (in the saucer)
the pickles were too sour for my tastebud that I could oni take a piece....As for the rest I finished the whole plate clean....
*too hungry mah...
after this meal, continue to work until midnite before calling it a day...Coz gotta meet the boss the next day...ermm...I mean 'client'
The following day
Woke up to a bright morning, but a cloudy mood (Monday blues + nervous to meet the boss).
Went down for breakfast with my finest office attire and was surprised to see a lot of occupants in the hotel who were also dressed smartly and elegantly in their suits and ties. I guess they are also working in one of the nearby giant corporations. 
The office is located some 10 minutes drive from the hotel that I stayed. Since it is so near, the boss, who is also the Head of IT would came to pick us up from the hotel on his way to the office.
The office is a curved building, 5 - 6 stories high, and is located in their 'Cyberjaya'...Yes, they have their version of cyber city too, known as Ebene Cybercity.
The Cybercity houses large corporate offices such as HSBC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Standard Chartered, among others.
Inside this curved building, occupies some other offices within the same 'Group', so basically their staffs shared the floors and amenities despite from different sisters companies
the top floor - with all the director's room
*photo taken illegally
the lobby
 and the green view from the boss's room.
 the parking lot view, taken from the office cafeteria
 another view taken from the office cafeteria. Both the 'World Class Banks' buildings are located in that scatters.
to be continued...

Friday, March 9, 2018

Dinner Date with Colleague

While working late on one fine evening, my colleague from next block called....
Colleague: wanna go for a dinner?
Me: sure!
Colleague: jom, let's meet at the parking lot in 5 min...
5 minutes later, I hopped onto her car and still undecided where to eat....
As she is the 'adventurous' type, I let her decide...and she brought me to this Malay Thai restaurant.
'Aroy Tomyam Restaurant' somewhere in Bangi...
 it isn't even near our office at all...
well, that's kinda 'adventurous' - somewhere in the middle of some small town road, along Jalan Ayer Itam...
The restaurant offers a variety of dishes and with reasonable price.
 my colleague had one of those 'nasi goreng' and 'kerabu sotong'
 and since it was my first time, I tried their tomyum sotong soup.
tastewise ok....the tomyum was good but too spicy for my tastebud....a few sips is enuff to burn my lips!
I would opt to try out some other items in their menu if I happen to go there again.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Food Adventures - Second Try

I usually give a second try for any newly opened F&B outlet. For instance, i went to Go Noodle IOI City Mall again a few weeks after my first try on their spicy soup. This time i had the bursting porkyball noodle in clear soup which isn't clear at all, as it was added with chinese wine. I like that subtle wine taste in the soup.
 As for the Peranakan Place outlet, i ordered the Baba Platter coz i wanted to try their ayam pongteh.
The Baba Platter comes with side dishes of juhuchar, sambal ikan bilis, half piece of hard boiled egg and a bowl of ayam pongteh which is a full chicken leg (cut into drumstik and thigh). The gravy is just nice enuff to eat with rice. This platter cost RM19.58 after tax and service charge.
 And my usual food adventure is non other than the Maulana nasi kandar/briyani. This isn't my second try, as i have been here many times.
I will usually have briyani flooded with curry, but since its briyani is kinda overprice, i had normal white rice with dishes instead. 
Here goes my flooded curry rice, cabbage poriyal, egg omelette, and kurma chicken. This set is RM9.50

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Lunch @ Precinct Diplomatik, Putrajaya

It was one fine afternoon and my colleague decided to bring us and a newly joined colleague to try out the kebab and briyani rice...
 It is located in Precinct Diplomatik, Putrajaya
 It has wonderful parks, shops and apartments....
 and the place we went is no alien to us, as I have blogged about it before....
The Mr.Kebab & Briyani restaurant....
It occupies the entire row (ground floor) of the shoplot.
A colleague tried out the vegetarian briyani...
 meanwhile I had Chicken Boti Kebab with Mandy rice (RM18) and Bandung syrup drink (RM3)

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