Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tori Bento Set

Bought this bento from AEON for RM9 (after 30% off).
I also bought a Japanese cheesecake for RM13.90 for my dessert + breakfast + evening teatime.
 It was nearing closing time, thus I got a 30% off on the bento. Despite the last box, it was still as good & fresh. I like all the dishes in this box.
Clockwise from top: Teriyaki chicken, blanched French bean & carrot, potato salad, seasoned kombu, braised daikon with mushroom and carrots.
 I will buy this again...*if I ever see these dishes combination again

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Simple Lunch & Dinner

This was my yesterday's lunch @ Tea Garden.
They were having some promotion for vegetarian meal where 11% off given on selected vegetarian items on the menu.
I had this crispy egg noodle for RM10.97 nett (inclusive of 6%GST, after discounted)
Tastewise so-so, would be better if the noodles were soaked long enuff in the 'warm' gravy so that it could be more chewy.
 And dinner was in the office with rice packed from home, added with miso seaweed soup.
There goes my miso soup 'gukbap' ;-)
simple meal for a simple person ;-)

Prosperity Burger is back!

Prosperity Burger is back!
with the curly fries as well...woohoo!!!
All the same, except the price has increased (I tink)...
Anyway, it's good to have this again after some time ;-)
this set costs RM15 (inclusive of 6%GST)
 on another day, I had Yoshinoya torikatsu curry rice...was craving for it since....
it wasn't that long...perhaps 3-4 months ago....
the chicken cutlets were so tender, curry may not up to par, but still acceptable.
This set meal (add on with miso soup + refillable green tea) is about RM21 (inclusive of 6% GST).

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Macau, Day 2 - Part 2 (Noon)

Continuation from previous post
From the Lisboa casino, we walked to the Senado square...
 the square is full of colonial style buildings built during the Portuguese era....
 the architecture resembles those colonial buildings in Malacca & Penang Georgetown
 the colorful facade of these buildings adds more vibrant to the city, with tourist taking pictures/videos even on a hot & sunny day!
Meanwhile I was busy finding shelter/shades, gonna melt under the hot sun....
we proceed our way to the hill top, passing by some churches and shops 
 it was a Friday (not even a weekend yet!) but the place was crowded with locals & tourists...
 it was a 30 minutes walks on the hillslope before we reached the footstep of Ruins of St Paul.
Yes, the iconic spot of Macau!
Climbing up the stairs really test my stamina...
If you ever wonder how it looks like from the back, there you go, multiple steel pillars supporting the structure. Some parts have also been cemented...
 Entrance is free, but this place is well guarded to prevent people from vandalising or ruining any parts of it.
A few steps from the 'entrance', it displays the history of this structure over the years and the restoration made unto it.
  there is a mini gallery downstairs, but basically nothing significant to see...
After a few photo sessions, adjourned down the hill for some snacks shopping...
 here's a view from the hill top, the tall building on the left is Lisboa Casino/Hotel
 there are lots of pastry house/bakeries/dried meat shops at the vicinity. Basically they are all franchises selling almost the same stuffs.
Most shop offers tasting/sampling. I went to this pastry shop and unashamedly 'feasted' on their variety of local biscuits/cookies. Their signature product is the famous almond cookies.
Noon time, we went for a simple lunch at Tai Lei Loi Kei (大利來記) coz was still full from all the cookies & snacks sampling earlier.
Tai Lei Loi Kei shop is famous for its pork chop bun!
the pork chop was very well marinated and grilled to perfection, not too dry nor hard despite the lean meat...
it was superb...and out-of-the-world...
I dun tink I could find such delicious pork chop bun in KL (even at its own franchise in KL)!
after then, we took another free shuttle to down south, passing by the Macau tower
 here u'll see some of the plants/trees 'senget' (leaning aside)....This was due to the Hato storm that blown them until senget.
Yea, the coast was badly affected (especially the construction side with cranes dangling and debris everywhere! see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/afp/article-4818278/Typhoon-leaves-12-dead-lashing-Macau-Hong-Kong.html for details)
 Reached the Venetian in within minutes. This place was so quiet and deserted like some ghost town...
 u hardly see any vehicle or people on the street during the mid day
 hello? hello? where are the people?
only later I found out that most of the casinos have just reopened after closed for 2 days (due to no electricity and water)...So basically people still thinks they are closed....or even if it isn't, there wasn't a mood for gambling as the entire place just recovered from disaster.
 Business was kinda slow even inside the casino...all empty tables, with hardly any sight of gamblers...
The casino/hotels are so gigantic, it makes me feel so 'tiny' being surrounded by huge architecture!
Anyway, this was just our stop-over while we hooped onto another bus to further south - Coloane!
Will be back to Venetian again later during the evening...

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Macau, Day 2 - Part 1 (Morning)

Continuation from previous post
I woke up quite early on the 2nd day, coz we were goin to Macau. We took the early ferry ride from HK island direct to Macau. It was quite scenic throughout the journey.
 clear blue skies with some clouds and some vessels/boats can be seen from afar. It also passed by Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge which was near completion back then.
 Had this 'cheong fun' as our breakfast while in the ferry. It was bought somewhere along the Hennessy Road while on our way to the Wanchai MTR station.
 Reached Macau around 9am on a very hot sunny weather. From the ferry terminal, we walked to our first destination, passing by 'Macau Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Centre' on our way. So where did we go?
 yes, this Roman Amphitheatre!
 It was all deserted and empty when we reached. Only found out that the place has been cordoned off for safety checks due to typhoon Hato that cracks part of its' architecture (as told by some officer).
We quickly took a few photos before being driven away by the security....
Anyway, nothing special there, coz it is just some replicas...
After then, took a free shuttle to Grand Lisboa Hotel, just to 'look-see' on one of the biggest hotel/casino in Macau
 over at the lobby it displays some art carvings
 everywhere is sparkling & blinking with gold & crystal lights
here's one of the gold carvings
  u also get to see some antiques
 such as this ancient clock retrieved from the Qing dynasty
well, this place is like a gallery of luxurious art collection...

Monday, January 8, 2018

Giant-size Curry Noodles in Hou Mei, Genting

I'm a foodie person, no doubt. Whenever I craved for curry noodles I will save up my stomach and go binge eating at this Hou Mei restaurant......coz it serves a XXXXL-size curry noodles...
 Huge portion with generous servings of meehoon, prawns, fishcakes, taupok and chicken...
while enjoyin this, I had a great view of the Genting casino from the table where i'm seated.
*illegal photography below
taking own sweet time to chow down this big bowl of noodles...feels like competing in some sort of eating challenge...minus the time limit.
After this, I wouldn't want to have curry noodles for a few weeks!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Hong Kong, Day 1

I have finally transferred all the 'pending' photos that I took during the recent trips (accumulated since 2015)...
Let me start with the easiest one first...well 'easy = shortest trip', as it is easier to recall!
Back in August 2017, I made an impromptu holiday plan to HK. It was unplanned actually, coz a colleague who were based there for 2 months invited me to stay over at his 'service apartment'. Since I do not have to fork out any expenses for accommodation, why not?
As he will be back to KL for 2-days during the following weekend, I got to occupy his place entirely, woo-hoo!
Without hesitating, I booked 2 flight tickets (for me & sis) via Air Asia and took 2-days off!
well, it was kinda risky too, coz that week has been forecasted to be the typhoon week!
anyway, the typhoon happened 2 days before my trip. Typhoon Hato (T10 storm) rips the city causing much damage to parts of HK, Macau and southern China.
Anyway, during the departure day, the weather was good (but slightly hot), with clear blue skies.
*a typical weather before & after the typhoon passes, I tink!
reached HKIA about 7pm after a slight delay in flight. From the airport, took the Airport Express to HK station and find my way to my colleague's place in Wanchai.
 When we reached there, it was already 8 plus. Me & sis put off our luggage and went for dinner.
The place that we stayed is located strategically in Hennessy Road with various eateries nearby.
I have always wanted to try out the Michelin star wanton noodles - so Wing Wah Noodles is our choice...
 it has passed the dinner hour by the time we reached, hence we dun have to share table with strangers...we got ourselves seated and ordered their specialties.
Shrimp dumpling with oyster sauce - the portion is huge enuff for 2 persons.
I also ordered a wonton noodles in soup.
both of us shared these....
The noodles were superb - the springy texture is so much different from what I had in KL...
Such a satisfying meal!
anyway this was not the first time I had wonton noodles in HK, so, that's kind of deja vu, after so many years...
there it is - their 'Michelin board', which is placed at the entrance.
since the night was still young, we loitered around the Wanchai area and got some snacks as dessert.
Here is the eggettes (aka 'kai tan zai'). The original version is still the best!
It was bought from the stall below our apartment, at some back alley. It also sells curry fishballs, some fried stuffs, siu mai...among other typical HK street snacks.
as we got nothing to do, we went back to the apartment and adjourned to the roof top for some cool breeze...
but too bad, there wasn't any cool breeze, just hot air.
But from the roof top, u can have a glimpse of the waterfront and the skyline of Tsim Sha Tsui (afar), ok not that bad...
it was quiet up here, such a contrast from the busy streets down there.
Past midnite, went 'home', have a shower and zzZZZZzzz....

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