Tuesday, October 16, 2018


I recently attended an Oktoberfest event @ Genting.
Earlier before, had my lunch at Hou Mei...Was craving for this mega large bowl of curry laksa...but nowadays the portion seem to have shrunk.
to digest off the laksa, went jalan-jalan windows shopping.
 spotted this leather jacket....so nice, but no chance to wear in our hot and humid weather country
then went for toilet visit in the casino...new casino and the toilet is new too...*talking craps here
 check-in room at 3....
the view outside my room at Maxims
 Not long after, went downstairs to collect the door gift for the event. Got a beer mug....but without the beer....
The event started at 7pm. These ladies greeted us at the entrance...Patrons are welcomed to take picture with them. Nope, I did not take any with them. They are too gorgeous for me...muahahah!
and the beer feasting begin....
we were given 5 coupons to redeem any of the below FOC
 I had.....
taste light, not bitter at all...not too bad
 the apple cider was superbly good!
and I also ordered a hoegarden draught beer...did not finish...coz too full after all those foods...
 yea, food like this
 all sort of 'wurst' (sausages)...potato wedges and burger..
We enjoyed the evening with live performances....until 10pm.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday Blues Entertainment - Sheila Majid

This is one of my fav Malay song from the 80s...by Sheila Majid. She was quite popular in the early 90s and I have seen her performing 'live' in various events during the 90s. The recent was in 2012 during Tun M birthday event.
This song tells a story of a lady braving herself to confess her feeling but words doesn't come out and she was 'desperately' asking for the moon (the only 'witness' to this encounter) for helping to pass the message....
How funny...

lol, those adolescence days...*shh...I had this thing that words doesn't come out and in fact, I was all 'frozen' when my crush stood nearby...
unfortunately, there were no moon back then, but I seriously hope that whatever who were present then could help pass the message to my crush....muahaha!
Ok, talking about moon....I recently had this Shanghainese mooncake bought from a kiosk to satisfy my 'Shanghainese mooncake' craving. And yes, this was from Oversea restaurant brand, the originator of Shanghainese mooncake ;-)
 there were having 30% discount on the final day before they dismantle the kiosk (the festive day itself), so I got this for around RM13...
 wooohooo…..I had this all by myself!
it's mine...mine.....all MINE!!!

Friday, October 12, 2018

I wasn't a junkie monster until....

Recently I looked back some of my old photos and saw the 'slimmer me'...yea...that was....ahemmmm….more than 10 years ago....
This picture was taken during an alumni gathering when everyone was still in their 'prime'...
 well, yours truly has grew wider and rounder these days, all thanks to the foodies and junkies accumulated over the past years....
Back then when I was a teenage (and early twenties), i seldom or hardly had:
 instant noodles (coz the wax coating put me off), didn't touch instant noodles for almost a decade until my early twenties
cookies, biscuit
sweet stuffs like chocolates, candies, ice cream
hot choco drink, coffee, milk
i dun even go to canteen during school recess time....*that's kinda crazy!
fast food was limited back then, although i craved for kfc and pizza but those are not within reach, so just forget about it!
eating mostly home-cooked food and drinking only plain water, i wonder how i 'survive' back then, that's kinda military-style-diet....
So, when did i turn into a junkie monster?
after i graduated from the military school and started working
That's when i tried a lotsa junks and started to fall in love with them...
This was one of my recent junks - bought at RM3, nearby my office. See, i was eating this at my office desk!
and my dinner has become like this, coleslaw (RM7) + loaded potato bowl which comes with chicken popcorn and melted cheese (RM6.50)
and this was my supper (on another day)...some sort of value meal with a piece of fried chicken, fries and cheesy wedges + soft drink at RM10 something....
another supper (the following week) with cheesy twister, fried chicken and fries + soft drink, also about similar price at RM10 something...
yes, i still crave for kfc every now and then, not so much on burgers or pizza although i used to have them quite regularly....

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Crockfords Hotel - Souvenirs

Besides having a spectacular view of the dried flowers from four different seasons (see here), the hotel lobby is also filled with designer arm chairs and furniture.
so posh-looking...
and in the room, I was being greeted with these....red roses (fake one), fruits (ok, these are real) and a box of ….
…...i have no clue what's in the box
let's open and see....
 aha...lotion, conditioner, shampoos and soaps...such a beautiful packaging
for us to bring back as 'souvenirs'...
this was my second stay in Crockfords within a year...
it was a nice stay in room 5225
the corridor, with jazzy tunes on air, it feels so relax walking along this corridor

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Phase Out: Perfume Dance Cafe

When I first heard of the name, I would have thought that this place is a perfume shop.
Even the entrance doesn't look like a café entrance.
 empty seats and chandeliers
 this 'cafe' offers a nice view of the Putrajaya apartments
 and is located on the same floor as the clothing stores...Who would have thought that this is a food outlet?
even the chairs are arranged neatly for instagrammers
chandeliers and blue sofas
don't know if they are selling these masks or just for display only
quite a number of them on the display rack
more masks
and paintings....
feels like in a gallery rather than a 'cafe'
 now, here's the menu...I ordered the one on the top
a colleague order seafood linguini
another colleague ordered chicken chop with spicy linguini...
here's mine....spaghetti with chicken in pesto sauce...the real thing looks similar as the menu picture...so WYSIWYG....not bad...
it was a great meal, the pesto sauce has a strong basil taste...if u dislike basil then tis is not for u.
I hope this place could last long so tht I could try on other food, but it has changed owner over the past months and the service was terribly slow during my last visit...not sure about now...

Monday, October 8, 2018

Monday Blues Entertainment - BLΛƆKPIИK

It's already Monday....but i'm still in the 'weekend mode'....and it's just so difficult to switch back to the weekday mode....sigh....
Anyway here's one MV to get rid of my Monday blues

btw, one of the K-Pop singer here is Thai, can you guess who?

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Shish Kebab with Mandy Rice

This is one of the item that I ordered from Mr Kebab & Briyani in Precinct Diplomatik, Putrajaya.
It doesn't look appetizing but the beef is well marinated and flavorful. The mandy rice is indeed dry when eaten alone, hence I poured some of the 'tomatoes puree' (in the saucer at right) and some of the 'sourish soup' (in the small bowl) onto my rice.
Shish Kebab with Mandy Rice - RM18
Bandung Syrup - RM3
will be back here for this again....

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