Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year 2017

Wishing everyone an abundance of health, wealth and happiness!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Birthday Celebration @ Manhattan Fish Market

Sometime Nov last year, my lunch kakis celebrated one of our member's b'day in MFM. We choose this venue coz they were havin' some sort of promotion & freebie for the b'day person.
The freebies are a tower drink (softdrink) which could fill up 8 glasses & 2 desserts of your choice.
the b'day gal chooses vanilla icecream on brownie
 and icecream on sizzling bananas...these bananas were so ripe that it taste overly sweet...
 while waiting for others, we also munched on fried mushrooms (at the middle, small bowl)
 here's my order...I converted the dory fish to salmon fish at no extra charge...I kinda like this set coz it has some leafy greens to go with the plain fish & chips
the 8 of us were so full after this heavy meal of main course, ala-carte dishes, desserts, fruit punch & softdrinks!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snacks & Masks

Years ago, I kept an amount of leftover $ from my biz trip, back then our currency was still strong. I thought of using it if I ever hav the chance of goin there again....Well, I did not and our currency has dwindled so much that exchanging foreign currency is not worthwhile, what more goin for a personal trip! My Korean Won has been kept for 4 years before it finally put to good use, as my annoying sis decided to go there for a trip with her fren. I gave her a big angpow of 135k USD WON....come to tink of it I felt myself so generous...muahahaha!
alrite, the amount wasn't that used to be a petty amount back in 2012...
 and since things are expensive too in Seoul, u can't buy much with that amount of $$$.
Here's what she got back for us...
mostly junks & masks....
but i'm happy that I got something edible!
yea, i'm a happy junkie monster...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Home Made Fish Head Noodles - Part 2

This outlet is one of our favorite lunch place...Having been here for quite a number of times (see old post here). But each time I went, I usually ordered the meehoon (rice vermicelli). This time I decided with yee mein (egg noodles) in milky fish broth. Pricewise is almost the same (can't remember), anyhow they still have the same promotion since 2015....where u get to have a free hot drink (coffee or jasmine tea) upon order of any fish head/paste noodles.
Bon Appetit!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tesco Coffee Bun & Sukiya Ramen

In certain days where I had my lunch in IOI city mall, I would also drop by Tesco to look-see if there is any promotion in the bread/pastries section.
I spotted this Mexican coffee bun which is sold for RM1 each. It may not taste as good as Rotiboy, but RM1 is kinda great deal and the bun could filled my hungry tummy in the later evening.
On another day (unrelated to the bun), I followed my colleague to Sukiya again. After my disappointment with their curry rice, I dare not order the rice again....
This time I wanted something soupy...and I had chicken ramen...
Since this shop is 'halal', they dun sell pork ramen...but the chicken was quite good, well marinated and tender...This bowl of ramen looks ordinary compared to those established ramen shop, but at the price of RM12++, u can't complain much.
Bon Appetit;-)
this post marked the 1001st post in this blog which is also the final one for this year.
till then, Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

KyoChon Fried Chicken

This was my second time tasting KyoChon fried chicken. The first time, I ordered the chicken drummets...they were so small that I dun feel like having the 'ummphh' after eating it.
So, this time I decided with the real drumstick....meaty and hearty ones...
And since I was dining with my fussy-eater parents, I can't go for the spicy version...hence I ordered the honey glazed drumsticks...
The skin was crunchy and well coated with was sweet (sort of like eating pop-corns)...and the chicken meat was eaten while still hot...yummmzzz!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

myBurgerLab - Part 2

After my first visit to myBurgerLab, I thought of getting another try with a more 'extravagant' burger...Hence this time I ordered the Ultraman 3.0 set meal. Instead of taking fries, I had mashed potato. The meal did not disappoint me this time, it was indeed a huge burger with overflowing salted egg yolk sauce...That's my kind of burger! well, this set is almost RM30 (after tax), but nevertheless it satisfies my cravings for huge & hearty burger!

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