Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My boss expects me to work 24-hours :-(

My boss sent me an email at 8.26pm yesterday:

"Attached is copy of estimates costing draft by xxxx.
Could you refer to this copy and make the necessary ‘Cost break down’ for projected 10  years. Refer to the attached. Btw could you online(GTalk) in order me to explain to you."

I was like WTF??!! what time now?? eventually it is still daytime at his current location, but it is way passed office hour in KL. And my expression goes like this...
Well, he is abroad most of the time and expecting me to support him on his timezone, each time impromptu requesting this and that without giving early notice of such Adhoc task. Hey, i need a life too! Otherwise, just bring me along if need me to support onsite....Darn!

*comic strip created from bitstrips

Monday, November 17, 2014

It's about year end...

It's gonna be year end soon, and i can't wait for the year end sale & Chrismassy atmosphere @ shopping malls!
and of-course, year end would mean skool holidays and more weddings too. I miss out alot of my cousins' weddings coz of work related deadlines ;-(
This is a blurry pic sent to me via Whatsapp of my cousin sis wedding. Darn, she is few years younger than me and she is already married!
I'm looking forward for some get-together dinner/party & good food as well. Btw, the below is just another home-cooked meal pic that i received from Whatsapp some time ago, It's a way my sis asking me to go home for dinner since they were happily munching on abalone...
Yea, she even reserved that small portion for me (see tht smaller bowl?)
Am looking forward towards D.E.C.E.M.B.E.R...

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Entertainment: Baek Ji Young - "That Woman"

This song is kinda....pathetic...coz it about a woman who is pining for the guy...
Sort of one-way affection...

This singer sung it well, full of expression and great voice!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

ich liebe es! McD Cheeseburger Deluxe

In one of the usual days where i stayed back for work, i went over to McD for a quick bite and ordered something new from the menu....Cheeseburger Deluxe. It consists of a thin slice of beef, a slice of cheese and plenty of greens, well i mean lettuce, which would be a better option than the usual cheeseburger....I'm still a fan of Taro pie, so i got myself one for dessert instead of the ice cream ;-)
Total damage: RM 8.95 for this set of my so-called "Happy Meal".

Monday, November 10, 2014

Coliseum @ the Gardens

Many times i wanted to try out Coliseum but the crowds and long queue has turn me down.
these days the craze is no longer i guess is time to drop by.
it was lunch time, and i dun feel like having i opted for Hainanese chicken chop.
 but when it arrived, i was shocked to see their version of it...
Well, it has green pea, tomatoes and mushroom (yea, the usual ingredients) but the gravy is slightly thicker than the usual Hainanese-style chicken chop. Nevertheless, generous amount of fries and huge piece of chicken chop which will stuff u till full.
and how's the food???
well, the gravy has a strong taste of Heinz tomato ketchup, which is of no difference from eating a pile of ketchup poured on a slab of chicken chop!
To add salt to injury, my sis even commented:
"what??? u eat at Coliseum? i heard that their food sucks!"
Darn, no wonder there wasn't much people dining there.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Entertainment - Park Boram Beautiful (예뻐졌다)

Occasionally, I watched M countdown (K-pop chart) coz i enjoy seeing cute dances & pretty girls/boys..LOL!
It was sometime last month that i discovered this catchy tune. While i might not agree with the message brought in the lyrics coz it emphasizes on the outer appearances rather than inner beauty. The Koreans have definitely perceived 'beautiful' as something that boost confidence, and sadly enuff their beauty is more of like outer appearances (which explains the reason plastic surgeries are norm in that country).
Anyhow, sit back & enjoy this song with cute dances from the beautiful singer Park Bo Ram....
 just in case you are not aware of, Park Bo Ram was a contestant in Superstar K2 (a singing competition). She was kinda plump back then in 2010. She shed about 32kgs prior to her debut.
Below is the MV of the similar song...
she does look good, ain't she?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Late Nite Dinner....

Guess where?
 The ambience is indeed classy with table lamp and dim lights
back to 70s...interior design...
 it has alfresco dining too...
 but all people gone....this restaurant is so empty & deserted
 nevertheless it served fresh steamed bun from the counter
 such a comfort food especially on a cold & rainy nite
 a selection of coffee on the rack for sale
It's Papparich!
 seems like i was the only patron during then (it is usually crowded)
*where has the crowds gone???
To satisfy my craving for curry....I had "rotee"
well, I mean roti canai
 and curry noodles...yumm yummmm...both are so curry-licious yummy!
the roti canai has a crispy crust but is fluffy inside and the curry gravy is so aromatic and thick that made me craving for more!
On the other hand, curry noodles was just average but it comes with plenty of taupok, fishcake rolled in beancurd skin and a few piece of chicken. The default bowl of curry noodle has cockles too, but I requested them to opt out.
this would satisfy my cravings for curry or perhaps "Malaysian food" for the time being. Alrite, not that i'm outta country, but i guess Papparich is on par with Old Town when it comes to serving Malaysian foods in a nicer ambience. Been to both Papparich & Old Town various times (over the years since it launched) but doesn't cross my mind to take pictures of the food coz they are just ordinary street food that can be seen everywhere in!
well, I'm sure most of us have seen a You Tube video about M'sian food (that went viral few months back). There are plenty of delicious mouth watering Malaysian food as depicted in this video, but let's go with roti canai and curry noodle first, i'm gonna blog about char kuey teow and satay in my next visit to Papparich...

Bon Appetit!

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