Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Entertainment - Phil Chang

some ol' skool stuffs...M-Pop from the late 90s/early 00s....kinda entertaining with fancy costumes and 'cute' lyrics which gets u tink of ur ex...

Happy Friday & Enjoy watching!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Self-invite to some rich guy villa

I'm a thick-skinned fella who enjoys self-invite and gate-crash people premise/parties...
well...i usually tag-along some fren and that fren happens to be invited and i got myself being 'indirectly invited'...yea, not once but many times on various occasion since kid....This time i 'attacked' a colleague's neighbour house....
since my colleague brag so much about this rich guy place...i must witness his 'house' aka '2100sqft villa' which he seldom stays...(rich guy stays in various places, this is only one of them!)
that place has infinity swimming pool overlooking the buildings in Sunway/PJ south
 large living hall with new furniture which he rarely touch/sit/use
 large TV screen good enuff to watch football
 modern kitchen which he never cooks
 and well, that unit is facing this infinity swimming pool...can once-a-while peep out to watch ladies swimming in bikini...
 and lastly very wide balcony that you can put up 2 long benches for sunbath!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Gaga Western & Eastern Corner - Part 2

This was my second visit within the year, the first visit I had Hainanese chicken chop. Whenever I have cravings for local western fare, I would usually go to this place and order chicken chop.
This time I ordered mushroom sauce chicken chop and add on ala-carte potato wedges. What a feast!
*my lunch + dinner
The chicken chop was just at 'passable' standard...the mushroom sauce is like those canned Campbell mushroom soup taste (but is of thicker version)....unlike the usual mushroom sauce i had in Steak Shack. Eating chicken chop with Campbell soup sort of gravy is kinda weird...hence i'm not goin to order this next time...

Friday, July 22, 2016

Eating is Pure Joy!

I tink i hav been watching Mukbang 먹방 too much that i sometimes end up buying too much food than i could ever consume...such as these!
10 pcs of Portuguese egg tarts...jst becoz i like them so much and it has been ages since i last eaten one!
 it was a promotion by Kings confectionary with RM12 for a box of 10! great deal, since these tarts are baked fresh!
but unfortunately there is only me at home and no one else is eating...
 i ended up finishing them in 3 days...nevertheless still enjoyin' every single bite! must be 'siao' ardy!
 while i was 'full' of tarts, i can still wallop this plate of KFC...yummmmzzz til max!!!
i got great appetite at certain times...
yea, i tink my appetite can match this lady from the drama 'Oh My Venus'...

ain't she's round and cute???

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

MTDC Open House

I looked forward to MTDC Open House since attending one last year...
 It is usually held on the week after Raya (1st Syawal). Our company were invited and again, without much hesitation i accepted the invitation since got free lunch!
We went there during lunchtime and many stalls already forming long queue!
Not bad, this year reception is as good as last year.
I took nasi biryani served with ayam masak merah, a tiny piece of black pepper beef, jelatah, and a few broken papadam pieces.
second round: CKT basah with fried dumpling and tofu taken from different stalls.
my colleague took this and i 'curi' one piece of this bbq lamb from her...
sharing is caring...we shared the banana fritters (pisang goreng) and local kuihs among us...
and we also had cendol....
and ice-cream (not in pic)...
we were busy eating, unbothered by the performance on stage!
heck cares...we have limited time to finish walloping our food as we've exceeded our lunchtime..
before leaving, we even 'tapau' these!
guess what are they?
here's the side view....
yummylicious oblong burger (cut into half)...
i heated them for my dinner in the office
they smell so good...just like Ramly burger....

Monday, July 18, 2016

Raya Open House

Went to boss house on the second day of Raya. She usually host the open house on 2nd day and invited everyone in the office to her cosy home in suburb KL. 
 without much hesitation I joined my other colleagues to carpool to her place...We were greeted by these delicious, mouth-watering foods upon arriving.
 yea, we were punctual on the dot. The feasting was about to start!
 among the dishes on the table - Bolognaise spaghetti (western influence), spiced fried chicken, sayur lodeh, sotong sambal, rendang chicken, serunding, nasi impit, lemang, ketupat....Well, all these are typical savoury Raya dishes...
 droolin'...I dun get much chance to eat these unless there is special festival...
*well, u can actually buy lemang, ketupat & rendang from Malay stalls all-year-round, but the taste is much different than homecooked.
 apart from the hot dishes, there were also desserts which consists of various cakes and cookies
left to right: fruit cake, dark chocolate cake, chocolate coated cookies
 there were assorted cookies in jar too! my fav is the butter sweet & yum!
And more 'shiok' got hansem serving u drinks :-)
 nice surrounding of her house in this tight security apartment....
okie, i will come again next year (if being invited)....

Friday, July 15, 2016

Not so Lonesome Dinner @ Office

My colleague aka partner in crime stays back with me in the office to complete our tasks. As she was breaking fast (that time was Ramadan) and couldn't afford to stuck in jam with an empty stomach, I decided to break fast with the office pantry.
Here goes the shoyu ramen with add-on corns (from an 'almost expire corn' in can)....Corn and ramen really go well together!

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