Wednesday, February 14, 2018

CNY 'Sau Kong' Dinner

I had 'sau kong' dinner with some colleagues from other departments on Monday.
We booked a table in Sam You Seri Kembangan, which offers a few dinner sets to choose from....
And good thing is that it comes with a bottle of red wine FOC!
 The 'sau kong' dinner is not complete without the tossing of 'yee sang'...
Below is the crispy salmon skin 'yee sang'
 after then it proceed with the usual Chinese dishes...
see below menu for the dishes that we had (*lazy to type all, so jst snap a picture)
 the soup is thick & filling...the only thing missing is the sharkfins
Steamed fish with lotsa ginger on top. We finished the fish till left only the bones!
 Pork rib...all de-boned, and cut into cubes....good for lazy people like me...
Fresh prawn in dark soy sauce...very flavorful!
  Veggie dish - the mushroom is at the bottom...the upper ones are tofu with some minced greens/carrots
 and lastly the Chinese waxed sausage rice...
Generous ingredients....u can get the waxed sausage in every bite.
 peanut mochi and mini fried custard bun pastries for dessert, paired with the refreshing stewed peach gum, apple with wolfberries sweet soup.
this dinner costs RM83.60 nett per head...
nice meal & great bonding with colleagues from various depts. ;-)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Chinese New Year decorations

I think many of the bloggers have already put up photos of malls decoration for the upcoming CNY....
since the famous ones have been 'covered', so perhaps I post up a few that is less featured (in blogs)
here's the CNY décor for IOI City Mall, taken on one fine afternoon
 I think I hav seen this in previous years...
 this triangular structure has mirror walls, not sure what's the meaning of its concept, but people would take selfie/wefie coz they find it fascinating...
 the 'cage' in Intermark....I still can't get the meaning of having a cage for CNY....
overall, I like The Gardens Mid Valley & Pavillion décor (sorry no picture)....u just gotta go there to enjoy the ambience!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Golden, Spicy, Salted Egg and CNY...

I was so tempted to try out the 'Golden Egg Crunch' fried chicken from KFC that I decided to ta-pau for my late dinner after my CNY shopping spree...
I requested for 2 pcs of chicken thigh coz I prefer tender & juicy meat...The set comes with a Sarsi (not Pepsi), whipped potato and coleslaw.
'Golden Egg Crunch' is such an auspicious name given to this fried chicken...First bite, it was indeed crunchy but salty. It has a hint of sweet basil leaves, spicy chili, salted egg & curry leaves taste. For those who can't take spiciness, this isn't for u.
The yellow thingy on the top right is Golden Cheese Cake..
nope, it wasn't from KFC though they shared the same 'Golden' name.
This cake was bought from AEON bakery at RM7.90 out of curiosity.
Turn out it is just another sponge cake with cheesy topping, nothing special.
 Next item that is seasonal is the curly fries in McD which usually paired with Prosperity burger in its set meal. Since I've eaten prosperity burger a few weeks ago, i would rather have other burger, but i'm still fond of the curly fries, hence i topped up my Spicy Chicken Deluxe set with RM1 for this curly fries...
and a few weeks back, McD has also launched a 'Golden' version of its Prosperity Burger
 so, what's so 'Golden' about it?
Look at the pic below....
 and u will notice an additional piece of hashbrown....that's the reason of its 'Goldenness'.
 Well, these days it is either 'Golden' or salted egg kinda stuffs being introduced in the F&B market and some being associated with CNY as seasonal item. Even the cheese tart is not being missed out. In mid Dec last year, Hokkaido has launched the salted egg cheese tart!
It was still running on a promotion of 'Buy 5 free 1', hence it is RM33 per box of 6.
At the same time, there was also a similar promotion for durian cheese tart. Hence, i decided to mix them - 
3 pcs of salted egg cheese tart + 3 pcs of durian cheese tart for the price of RM33!
Quite a bargain coz the usual price for the ordinary cheese tart is RM5.80
Both were good, u could taste both the saltiness + sweetness in the salted egg cheese tart...
As for the durian cheese tart, it taste just like the Secret Recipe durian cheese cake...If u r not fond of durians, it will be hard for you to acquire that taste.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Hong Kong, Day 4 (Final day)

Continuation from previous post
My flight has been delayed until further notice, hence I managed to complete all my laundry for the past few days before leaving the place :-)
The apartment that we stayed has all the basic amenities, despite its studio-type size. And good thing was that my colleague has stored some food in the fridge and happily welcome us to finish the food (so that he can buy new ones)....he memang siao one....
so, I unashamely finished off the red potato chips and all his Vitasoy
OK, since I was stuck in the apartment during the morning (was raining cats & dogs outside)...and my flight has been delayed till dunno when...
Hence, let's tour around the place...
Here's the toilet with shower area
the tiny kitchen, completes with cooking utensils & cutleries, fridge, microwave and a washing machine with dryer....
I like this kitchen coz it is so practical and has everyting that I need.
I heated up the polo bun, egg tarts and the 'yong tau foo' that I bought the night before for our breakfast. I also bought the osmanthus jelly for dessert......so full after this breakfast!
After the heavy breakfast, the rain has subsided and we took the train to the airport. As the flight schedule was yet to be confirmed, we had our lunch.
The pork chop rice with egg topping...super yum!
and the English breakfast....with tea
the airport was kinda empty with only 2-3 planes in sight.
waiting.....saw only a few planes landing....where is ours?
 luckily it was only a few hours delay, and because of that, we managed to do more shopping....
bought 2 boxes of mooncakes & some wife biscuits ('lou po beng') in the airport. The mooncakes were bought at discounted price, coz they were running a promotion in the airport.
 the mooncakes were excellent, it is not overly sweet and has lotus seed taste in its gooey paste (unlike the dry & hard ones) which is so distinct....as if the mooncakes were freshly baked!
I hope I can have this again this year!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hong Kong, Day 3 - Part 2 (Evening)

Continuation from previous post
Reached Mongkok around 6pm, went for our 'tea-time' instead of dinner since we were still full from the earlier 2 meals.
Had the mango trio platter + mango juice at Hui Lau Shan.
 still the same after years...although the taste abit artificial.
 the streetview of the shopping district, crowded & happening with various street performances on a Saturday nite.
 spent some hours shopping here
 then went to buy polo bun & egg tarts for tomorrow's breakfast 
 left Mongkok at 9:30pm as typhoon signal T8 hoisted, although no rain yet.
Reached Wanchai, dropped off our shopping loots in the apartment and went down for supper at Dim Dim Sum.
we had our must-have 'dimsum meal'!
coz u dun consider to be in HK if u did not try out the dim sum....
Nope, we dun just hav porridge and veggies like a sick person
 we ordered also chicken feet, siu mai, char siao pao, chives dumpling, soy bean drinks & Chinese tea
 this place adapt the Tim Ho Wan concept, u ordered from the order chit and pass to the waiter.
Ample of seats while we were there & we leisurely enjoyed our supper till midnite.
 the bill
 it was windy outside, with drizzling rain, nice weather actually....despite the T8.
As my sis went out for a walk....
I went back to unpack, do laundry, shower and watched TV....
here's some of our shopping loots...the snacks & cosmetics!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Old Town Whitecoffee - Chicken Rendang & Mushroom Chicken Rice

Another lazy meal during my long holiday last year....
Lazy meal = No cook & single meal that caters for breakfast + lunch + dinner (one shot)
so, here it goes the chicken rendang that I ordered ala-carte coz I was curious on how it taste like....
the rendang is on the sweet side (like satay sauce kinda sweetness), not to my liking.
 and the main meal - mushroom chicken rice. Chicken was well marinated, I prefer the rice bowl to have more veggies on the side rather than just 2 leafy greens.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Go Noodles

Go Noodles has just opened an outlet in IOI City Mall and my colleague was so eager to bring me there. So, we went there one fine evening in Dec....
Birthday treat - He belanja, i eat....wuakakaka!
The bursting porky meatball in spicy soup vermicelli. 
I like the bouncy & flavorful meatball.
As for the soup, it was too spicy for my tastebud...
 we also had the trio platter, consists of barbequed pork 'cutlet' which tastes like Chinese dried meat (aka Bakkwa), crispy fried beancurd skin and lorbak. The platter were supposedly served in a basket but this outlet uses paper bowl....*thumbs down for presentation-wise.
 after then, we went to BBW at The Mines.
it was a Friday nite (almost midnite) and people were still flocking to this hall like there is no tomorrow.... 
  anyway, there goes my 'evening date' & b'day treat with my colleague...

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