Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fuel Shack Burger

I decided to try out Fuel Shack (after being around for quite some time).
 It never appeal to me compared to the other burger chains.
 The burger posters indeed look great, but that was those usual 'photoshopped' pics to lure customer in.
 here's my order...the 'back-to-reality' burger...
 there's no sesame seed on the buns...but it was fluffy and light...
I would prefer the burger patty to be warmer so that it could melt the cheese...but it was jst lukewarm, and by the time I m eating it, it has turned cold.
The fries are so-so though it taste better than the McD.
As for the drinks, u can opt for Ice Lemon tea if u refrain from taking carbonated soda drinks.
My Verdict: For this price (almost RM20), I could get better options at Carls' Jr burger...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tuesday's Lunch - Shogun2U

Continuation from my previous post about Shogun2U, here's a preview of my weekly Tuesday lunch. Shogun2U offers delivery to various places within Klang Valley and they hav various Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai and limited Western set meal in its menu. U can also order steamboat if u wish to!
Week 1: Black Bean Chicken
Taste so homely like mum's cooked dish! I like the coleslaw with corns but unfortunately I only got it for the first week as it has been replaced with veggie salad on the subsequent weeks.
I've skipped Week 2 as I did not snap the picture of the sweet & sour fish set that I ordered.
Week 3: Cashew Nut Chicken
The cashew nut chicken dish taste like kung-po chicken...Again, very homely meal that reminds me of mum's cooked!
 Week 4: Lemon Chicken
The lemon chicken comes with a separate sweet lemon sauce. It was just so-so.
 Week 5: Bulgogi Chicken
u can opt for Beef version but I prefer chicken coz of its tender meat. This dish comes with kimchi (see bottom right partition)
Week 6: Teriyaki Chicken
after trying Chinese and Korean, I moved on to the Japanese Teriyaki chicken...It comes with a separate teriyaki sauce to dip the chicken. Tastewise not bad. I like their teriyaki sauce.
Week 7: Dakgalbi Chicken
Fiery red hot, this chicken dish is cooked with carrots, onions, cabbage and very generous portion of chili paste! Not for those who can't take spicy. No second time for me.
We never fail to have Shogun2U on every Tuesday as their delivery services & food are overall OK. If u r ordering in bulk, it is recommended to place ur order a day before.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Fried food

My colleague aka partner-in-crime enjoys fried stuffs just like I do...We would buy in bulk some fried popiah (spring rolls) and cucur udang (prawn fritters) for our teatime/dinner. We heat them up in the oven to get them crispy and fragrant.
*Yea, we are so-used to cook/heating food in the pantry as if it is our home kitchen!
 We are also 'kaki' for Texas overly crazy over their huge & crispy fried chicken!

Friday, May 13, 2016

My Friday Nite Dinner @ Office

This is how my dinner looks like on a Friday nite. Was rushing on some tasks over the past weeks and dinner was nonetheless instant noodles.
Here's one Mamee premium curry laksa flavour with 2 small pieces of fried chicken 'donated' from my colleague's plate. She was eating with me with her rice and dishes (bought in the afternoon). The pear and half cup of Coke Zero was courtesy from the pantry...My colleague shared the Coke with me as she can't take too much sugared drinks.
 On another day, I brought the leftover KFC to office as I know I will work till late. I turned the pantry into KFC as the entire room smells so good the moment I took out that piece of chicken from the microwave! And again, the orange was from the pantry...
Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Shogun 2U Delivery @ Office

Some time ago, Shogun2U was running a 40% promotion on their menu. We were so delighted that it covers our area for delivery, hence we decided to have Shogun2U delivery on every Tuesday. A kind colleague offers to take charge in taking our orders and do the online ordering. Payment term is 'Cash on Delivery'.
Here was what we ordered on the 1st Week:
Clockwise from left: Black Bean Chicken, Porridge, Black Bean Beef, Lemon Chicken, Garlic Fried Rice, Nasi Lemak Japanese-style, Meatball Fried Rice
Tastewise and portion are OK, can't expect much when it is deliver to ur doorstep. Prices range from RM12-RM30 (depending on what u order), but with 40% discount, I paid about RM11-12 for a decent bento box meal. So worth it!
On the 2nd Week, a few more colleagues joined us and we have bulk ordering again...
Clockwise from left: Teriyaki Chicken, Unagi Fish, Spicy Chicken, Black Bean Chicken, Sweet & Sour Fish, Bulgogi Beef.
Middle: Zhajiang noodles, Caesar salad
Bottom left: Hokkaido cake
The Hokkaido cake was so so so (infinity) delicious when eaten cold. We put the cakes in the fridge and enjoyed them after the meal...superbly yummielicious~I like cold custard cakes!
Despite the promotion season has over, we still continue in having these Bento meals weekly. We got even better discount (50%) when paying online via Citibank card. So, from time to time u'll see me posting pictures of my bento lunch ;-)
BoN ApPeTiT!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Tou Tou restaurant @ Sri Petaling

It was one of those days that I was so hungry & dehydrated (due to the hot weather) and I decided to have something chilling...My initial plan is to have a bowl of ABC to go along with my meal. But when I passed by this shop, it has sort of set meal which comes with 'tong sui' (sweet dessert soup).
And immediately I was 'lured' into this shop.
I knew what I want the moment I see this in the menu...yes, it's Hakka Pork Noodle!
 it comes with red bean soup aka 'hong dau sui'...
I asked the waitress to get me a bowl of ice cubes coz the dessert was served hot, but I want it cold. Besides, I found it to be too sweet and the melted ice cubes could toned down the sweetness...
 there goes my complete set meal...
the pork has very 'fatty layers' (which I like in Hakka pork), but my mum will definitely ban me from eating this if ever she knows~

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ice Cream Waffle on a Hot Day

Le Cremeria on waffle makes my day!
Yea, it was a combination of Nestle Le Cremeria ice-cream with Gardenia waffle...
It tastes so G.O.O.D that I keep craving for more!!!

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