Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tim Ho Wan - Dim Sum

This is an outdated post.
Was in Mid Valley sometime during the pre-CNY season. It was dinner time on a usual weekday and no one seems to be queueing at the front shop. I took this 'rare' opportunity to dine in....
And out of hunger...i ordered these...
shrimp siu mai....yummzzzz
succulent and "bounciful" shrimp...Full of freshness!
'char siu' pork bun
crispy crust but soft & fluffy bun with flavorful 'char siu' filling
shrimp cheong fun....oh la la! this is as good as the 'siu mai' coz the shrimps are real fresh & succulent!
yeapzz...i was alone then...wish tht i could order more but no one to share with...
i will b back soon to try out others!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Breakfast @ Office - Nasi Lemak

Perfect morning view...scenic rite?
Didn't take dinner the previous nite, hence i ordered a plate of nasi lemak for breakfast at the office cafeteria...
sinfully delicious nasi lemak...
Bon Appetit!

Friday, April 10, 2015

One fine day in KL

Nope, this is not another post about me venturing around KL nor some sort of new is jst a typical day that i manage to capture a 'fine' KL skyline...without haze or storm...

Sunday, March 29, 2015


The not-so-new 24 hours McCafe around the neighborhood!
Now i'm looking forward to enjoy the giant muffins and the colorful macaroons...

Monday, March 9, 2015

Racing Car

Dun play play, this is a real racing car...If u r a speed car racer (or wannabe)...u might want to volunteer to take part in the company car racing competition...yea driving in such car!
The interior of the car is totally different from any conventional cars on the road...It definitely will take some adjustment to be familiarized with the "controls" inside.
Anyhow, that isn't my dream car coz despite being a race car with full safety equipment tucked in, it probably not the comfortable car for a ride.
My dream car is still the conventional on-the-road (not race track) kinda stuff...but it has to be gorgeous looking such as this...
No, dun get me wrong, i dun wish to drive this under the hot sun in our typical hot weather...this is crazy & totally impractical. My dream car is only applicable with "condition" that i m able to drive it during the perfect weather/season & at a place with less polluted air.
Cool or not?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Papparich Nasi Lemak

After trying out various food at Papparich in the past months, i m now back to their main offer, those that are featured as the 'recommended item' which is our beloved Nasi Lemak! It seems like their nasi lemak has improved over the time with more varieties compared to the usual chicken choice. My last time having a nasi lemak at Papparich was like 3 years ago, and i hardly could find sambal sotong (squid in chilli sambal paste) or mutton rendang in their menu. I have no choice but to opt for Old Town to satisfy my sambal sotong craving! But for this time, i m craving for rendang chicken more...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Genting First World Hotel - Super Deluxe Room

Staying at a bigger room in Genting is a first time for me coz usually i'm either on Standard or Deluxe, but never with Super Deluxe. The amenities are similar to a standard hotel room in a 3 or 4 stars hotel. It is much spacious than the usual First World room with two large beds (i guess it is a queen size!). Definitely more spacious to move around and good for family-stay especially those with kids, so they can run around have ample space for pillow fight to play.
even the wall art is nicer with colored tones!
here's the bathroom cum toilet
it has a bathtub for you to float ur rubber duckie....
the room entrance with side-cupboard (common design in hotel rooms)
sofas, nothing fancy but basic enuff
and a slightly larger mirror compared to the normal standard room
the room view is not bad at all, at least i gotta see the main iconic building from the window!

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