Friday, September 19, 2014

Quiet Friday Evening @ Kenny Rogers

Quiet Friday evening at Kenny Rogers outlet....
(*this was 2 weeks back)
seems like this whole place belongs to me coz most tables were unoccupied...
so peaceful and relaxing after a hectic working day. Liked the ambience and the solitariness.
had a quarter roaster meal, and then discovered that their selection of sweet indulgence is really tempting...but I was full perhaps next time ;-)
with a few more restaurant & cafes such as Subway, Secret Recipe, Papparich, Starbucks etc, I guess this place would be my target dining spot for the time being...
in case you are wondering where this place is...
well, this is Wisma Scope International, next to the KL-Seremban highway.
Have a Nice Weekend ;-)
Here's this week "Friday entertainment", dedicated to u all!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sweet & Savoury

I'm not a person with sweet tooth, but when it comes to certain sweet pastry, I will definitely 'hunt' for it...
Well for my case, Shanghainese mooncake would be one of them. Been blogged about it in the past year, but am still crazy over it. 
*yea, I know I'm abit outdated with this, but hey this post isn't about mooncake or mid-autumn festival.
I wouldn't get bored with it even if it is available all year round. But this thing is seasonal (during mid-autumn lah...), hence I have to endure my cravings till another year :-(
another seasonal sweet stuff that I craved for would be this McD taro pie...the fillings has some kind of taro sweetness and the skin is crisps enuff that I could only ask for more!
so addictive darn yummielicious!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Young @ Heart

X: i will be goin to Genting to attend a concert in the evening. Will not be coming home tonite.
Y: alrite. Have u book ur accommodation yet?
X: nope...
Y: where u gonna sleep then?
X: at the street...
Y: serious?
X: yea, no more rooms for members if book during last minute.
Y: what if u caught cold and fell sick?
X: well, i m just sixty, still young & strong. Dun worry about me, i can take care of myself.

well, she is sixty, but still wild and young at heart as sixteen!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hangzhou, Day 3 - Part 3 (Lei Feng Pagoda & West Lake)

After all the porky & meaty dish, it's time to burn the calories...Yes, we were brought to climb the stairs...
up to the top of the Pagoda!
we are kinda lazy bum...but reluctantly we got our ass out from the comfortable bus and started to climb the stairs...Luckily halfway thru there is an escalator (if u look carefully into the picture u'll see the escalator is tucked in the centre, between the stairs).
The bright flower greeted us at the Pagoda entrance. I climbed up the stairs and soon after reached to the top floor. It was windy. People were up there to enjoy the breeze and the view.
here's one lake view from atop pagoda.
the middle floors of the pagoda are some exhibition halls that display the famous legend of the white snake & some artefacts.
After lingering at the pagoda for some time, we went down and headed for a boat ride across the West Lake. Nope, we are not boarding our boat from this dock. There is another dock situated some few miles from here...and worse thing, we gotta walk towards there to get to our boat.
Our walking journey took more than half an hour. Along the way, I captured some nice sceneries.
The above & below pics are a few nice view of the lakeside.
more blossoming flowers along the way while walking to our boat.
another serene awesome!
finally we were on the boat that sails across this famous Hangzhou West Lake.
a single boat can accommodate around 20 person.
if u like nature, u will get to enjoy the view much, otherwise it is pretty boring.
around the lake u'll get to see the pagoda, some Chinese structures, greeneries and all that...
nothing much to describe here, just sit back and enjoy the peaceful lake view ;-)
upon alighting from the boat, we still have another walking journey back to our tour bus. This trip involves alot of walking!
Pleasant view throughout the journey but was tired of walking (coz long time no exercise!). Luckily we have 2 hours of rest in the bus while on our way back to Shanghai ;-)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hangzhou, Day 3 - Part 2 (Lunch)

When it comes to lunch, I was excited all over like a kid! coz finally something to fill my growling stomach...I didn't take much breakfast in the morning, just a piece of cake & fruit juice, hence I got hungry after some walkings....
Upon reaching the restaurant, we hurriedly head to our private dining room coz most of the tour members were hungry too. 
This cold dish were already on the table 'greeting' us when we got in.
yea, a lone miserable cold dish of beancurd with pickled veggie...
It was served even before we arrived...
no rice being served yet...but dun care...jst whack la...hungry ma...
Next dish was crab (??!)...okay, this isn't crab nor crab stick...nothing close to that at all. It's some sort of flour, cooked with Chinese black sauce and has a chewy kinda texture. Perhaps the chef tried to prepare some sort of vegetarian crab, but failed.
Dish 3: Sweet & Sour was plain, purely pork without any condiments. Each piece of the pork was coated with caramelized sweet sauce. Like it!
Dish 4: Stir-fry veggie.
Dish 5: can't remember (forgive my bad memory, somehow I dun have any recollection if I have eaten this)...not sure if it is chicken, pork or fish though...
Dish 6: this looks like some sort of veggie dish, but no, there are several pieces of pork belly hidden underneath! u just gotta dig them out!
Dish 7: Lala...
the lala's nowhere to be found, only the shell visible. Again, u gotta 'search' for the 'treasure'.
Dish 8: Buns with very salty black dice pork. The buns were fluffy and pairs well with the salted pork. Like it!
Dish 9: Shrimps! my fav coz the shrimps were fresh and bouncy!
Dish 10: Chicken soup. Taste so-so oni...
Dish 11: "Tong Po" fatty, so heavenly!
just look at those layer of fats!
well...for most of our meals, the rice was served last.
Imagine we were eating all those dishes without rice and suddenly it was served on our table when we have almost finished our meal...*shake head
Here's the place....we were seated in a private room located at the first floor...The ground floor is reserved for grand banquet.
such a huge hall, similar to hotel's ballroom size.
this place is spacious and full of 'grandeur' charm...the interior is a fusion between western colonial and Chinese style...I kinda like this place (I mean the overall interior, not the food though)
Overall the food is OK, enuff to satisfy the hungry stomach. Tastewise mediocre to good, but the most impressive dish is the "Tong Po" pork, hehehe!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hangzhou, Day 3 - Part 1 (Maglev train)

On the third day, the organizer decided to let us try the Shanghai Maglev train. Our train was scheduled at 10 am and expected to reach Hangzhou in an hour.
The Maglev train departs from Shanghai Hongqiao railway station, which is the hub for high speed rail line in Shanghai. The station is new, huge, bright and spacious, plus it is CLEAN too. Opened in year 2010, it is known as the largest railway station in Asia.
this place puts KL Sentral to shame.
The signboard with a clock. Dun play-play as the train departs sharply as scheduled. Be early or be sorry!
indeed the train left the station sharply on schedule. After awhile into the journey, I saw some countryside farm house and the vast plantation land outskirt of the city...
greeneries...and so eye-soothing.
the farmers' huge bungalows on their own land.
the ride was picturesque, time flies and soon after we reached Hangzhou station.
Surprisingly Hangzhou station is just as huge and new as Shanghai station.
around the station vicinity, there are newly built apartments...
I felt like in Singapore than in China...coz the township is so well-structured!
We were brought to some sort of touristy place for shopping...
The below snack was sold at the entrance. Cheap and delicious...I keep on munching some to fill my hungry stomach since I didn't take much breakfast earlier.
the ancient-like shoplots...selling all sorts of souvenirs...such as scarfs, traditional Chinese clothes, tea leaves, watches, local biscuits...etc...Is like our Petaling street! Went in to browse some goods...The Chinese are  innovative-lot, plenty of improvised items and nice-looking souvenirs sold there...
Then I went further and reached some small alley with food stalls.
the prices were reasonable and cheap...but again, I doubt if it is safe for consumption (dun wan to end up hospitalized).
street snacks everywhere, very tempting too, what more when I was hungry then.
prices here in RMB, so if u convert them in MYR...well, I wouldn't get such price in KL!
meat dumplings! my fav...but why green? I hav no idea.
pork trotter...looks yummie too, it keeps u warm on a cold day.
alrite, too much temptation, beh tahan ady...gotta get out of sight before I buy any...
soon, I was back at the main street and saw this old pharmacy established back in 1649 (kidding or what?!)...u know that kinda wong-fei-hung pharmacy which also served as Chinese clinic too.
linger there for awhile enjoyin the surroundings but found nothing fancy except for modern packed Chinese herbs being sold...Since I m not there to buy any...I head back to the tour bus and wait for the rest of the members to finish their shopping ;-)

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