Monday, April 17, 2017

Some Foods I had in Bali

I've been MIA for a week! alrite, nothing hoo-haa about it....
was busy with work lately...coz there were some sort of album system release & ISO awareness training that I'm being assigned where both were due last week!
Managed to get thru them but being detached from 'UTOPIA' leaving me miserable :-(
*a sign of being addicted to blogging? hope not!
OK dokie, lemme furnish u with more foodie pics...
These hav been sitting in my laptop for 2 long years coz I have no idea on what to write about it.
this is a pile of food for a famish was so 'capalang' and I dunno how to write about them or where to start (on elaborating the food). It was basically abit of everyting from fried rice, fried flat noodles, satay, some greens and egg....basically 'macam-macam'....and everything tastes so 'GOOD' for a hungry person who has just done with heavy & 'energy taxing' task...
In case u r wondering what that 'task' is....I will show u in my next post *unscheduled, I dunno when I will post up the next one
 I can't even remember what's the restaurant name...but it was somewhere Ubud nearby the elephant museum.
 those patrons who dine here were mostly tourist (only a few in sight during that time)
 this place offers a selection of Asian/Indonesian food...nothing great, just that I was so hungry that everything seem so 'great' and 'delicious' to me, I even feel like wanting to eat up an elephant nearby.
the dishes are very much like what we can get here in local hotels
 empty tables - before and after we finishing our foods
 below: egg drop soup with some shredded carrots and leafy greens.
 and my pile of 'everything' coz I was so lazy to go for second helping....with my legs I 'dump' all foods into one plate.
 and when the night come, we had group dinner...thankfully I've fully recovered from my 'famish' and can dine 'decently'....
 i ought to...coz i was eating together with boss, sitting just right opposite him
we had a 'merry & sumptous' dinner....
while my legs were still aching....adui!


mun said...

From your plate of chapalang, I spotted my favourite food - tamago (Japanese egg roll is it?) that looks like tofu. Your dinner - is it Indonesia nasi padang with its many small dishes of "sung"? Till now I have not experience eating nasi padang, only seen it in photos.

Twilight Man said...

Wah! 2 years ago and still can post it. It looks like a fresh vacation. I love Bali very much and have fondest memories there. Next weekend I will be off to Lombok instead for sun, sea & surf.

Nux V said...

Mun: yes, that is tamago. The dinner was nasi padang...we can request to replenish the dishes (they will bring over another plate of the same dish)and charge accordingly. Since, it is paid by 'boss', we just makan as we like.

Twilight Man: yeaya..that vacation stil fresh in mind. Lombok is a nice place...looking forward to your blogpost!

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