Friday, November 2, 2012

Char Siu & Siu Yuk

What the heck u tink i m writing here?
yea, it is about "Char Siu & Siu Yuk"
well, those r the chinese name of my fav pork be precisely, the Cantonese name of it.
Char Siu = Barbequed Pork
Siu Yuk = Roast Pork
both of these r very popular meat dish and favors by Chinese regardless of age (alrite, will stop writing craps here!)
So, here it goes...
my lunchie on one fine weekday (on the left is siu yuk, right is char siew, got it?)
you can order them separately in most cases, but i prefer mine as being combination of both in one plate 
here's my porky rice set  that comes with rice and soup...
ah...lookin' at it makes me drool...

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